Are You “Mole” Material?

Oh, yes. It’s back. Thank you association of movie and TV producers, who still won’t budge on the WGA strike.

But for those of you who have been yearning to be “The Mole,” this is nothing but good news coming your direction.

ABC is bringing back “The Mole,” featuring new “whodunit” game elements, interactivity and a new host.

“The Mole,” based on a Belgian show, follows a group of players as they try to figure out who among them is “The Mole,” a saboteur trying to keep them from winning money.

Players must decide who they think “The Mole” is and then learn as much about him or her as they can, because, at the end of each one-hour episode, the player who knows the least about The Mole is immediately eliminated from the game.

In the final episode, The Mole is revealed and one of two final players wins a “substantial cash prize,” according to the ABC press release.

ABC’s also saying it was a “highly-rated ABC unscripted series” when it aired during its four-season run. Yet, in those heady non-strike days, ABC kicked it to the curb.

Not so fussy these days, now are you ABC?

Anyway, Anderson Cooper was the host back then, and since he’s doing other serious journalism stuff now, they are replacing him with a person-to-be-named-later. And, of course, there will be an online component to it all, because online is the hot ticket these days, my Internet buddies.

Oh, yea. And you want to know about casting. Casting for players begins immediately. Just go to molecasting.

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