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Cronkite says leave Iraq

In 1968, respected newsman Walter Cronkite said it was time to get out of Vietnam. Then President Lyndon Johnson responded that if he had lost Cronkite, then he had lost the nation.

So what will George Bush say about 89-year-old Cronkite proclaiming it

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Utah can’t be all bad

Rosie O’Donnell isn’t making any snap judgements about the state of Utah, despite the fact that a prominent theater owner pulled the movie “Brokeback Mountain,” about a love affair between two cowboys, from his theaters.

O’Donnell, who was in Pasadena talking to TV critics about her new HBO series “All Aboard! Rosie’s Family Cruise” about the first gay and lesbian family cruise line, said she’s going to Utah for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.

She was asked if the conservative nature of Utah makes the openly gay O’Donnell feel strange going there.

“Not really,” O’Donnell says. “I mean, the Osmonds are from there. That’s enough for me to like it.”

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Koppel’s encounters with evil

Former “Nightline” host Ted Koppel fielded calls from all over the world from organizations trying to hire him.

Koppel will be working on “A Conversation with Ted Koppel and Tom Bettag” for the Discovery Channel. But he passed on an offer from Al Jazeera.

One critic at the winter press tour grabbed on to the story about Koppel talking to the Middle Eastern news organization, asking Koppel if he was afraid that could be used for propaganda purposes.

“Oh come on. I mean, I routinely meet with some of the nastiest people in the world,” Koppel said. Followed quickly by Bettag’s “Some of them are in this room.”

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“Monk” chatter

That obsessive compulsive detective Adrian Monk won’t be leaving the tube any time soon.

USA networks announced the series has been picked up for another two seasons. Not only does the show score on the cable network, but USA says it’s one of the top shows dowloaded from the NBC iTunes Store. So USA has created two mini episodes exclusively for the USA Web site.

“Monk” counts the obsessive compulsive disorder community among its many fans.

So, does “Monk” star Tony Shalhoub receive a lot of fan mail from the O.C.D. community?

It’s actually just one guy writing a letter over and over and over,” Shaloub jokes

Can we get a rimshot?

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Little Danny Partridge

You just knew someone had to ask her.

In light of the recent troubles in an already turbulent life, Shirley Jones, who played Danny Bonaducci’s mom in “The Partridge Family,” was asked if Danny was a train wreck she could see coming.

“He was always a rebellious little kid and he had a tough home life too, so that didn’t help at all. We all became mothers and fathers to him. He would come to my house on the weekends and play with my kids. We all sort of took care of him. So I’m very sad to see what’s happened to Danny right now, because I feel very motherly towards him.

For those wondering what Jones is up to these days, she’ll be starring in the upcoming Hallmark Channel movie “Hidden Places.”

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Doris who?

“Everybody Loves Raymond” star Doris Roberts, who is starring in a new movie “Our House” for the Hallmark Channel, told TV critics gathered in Pasadena at the winter press tour that there are five stages of an actor’s career.

“The first one is: Who is Doris Roberts? The second one is “Get me Doris Roberts.” The third is “Get me a young Doris Roberts.” The fourth is “Get me an old Doris Roberts.” And the fifth is “Who is Doris Roberts?”

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Dating Dr. Kildare

Veteran actorRichard Chamberlain has been dubbed the “king of the miniseries.” Chamberlain met with television critics in Pasadena to promote his new movie “Blackbeard,” which airs this year on The Hallmark Channel.

So what role is he best remembered for?

If men are talking, it’s probably ‘Shogun.’ And if women are talking, it’s ‘The Thorn Birds.’ And if they are very, very old, it’s ‘Dr. Kildare.’

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Getting Ruffian

ESPN’s horsing around next year.

The sports channel has put a new movie into the starting gate. “Ruffian” is based on the bittersweet true story of the thoroughbred filly considered one of the greatest racers in the game.

The movie will premiere on ESPN’s broadcast sibling ABC in conjunction with the network

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Unjust Arrest

Could Fox make it any harder for

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Reality check

Wish you could be racing around the world, or stuck in a remote region, while the cameras are rolling?

Then check out the casting calls for CBS’ “The Amazing Race” and “Survivor.”

CBS-Channel 5 will be hosting open casting calls for “The Amazing Race” from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Jan. 21 at Floor Dimensions, 1081 Eastshore Highway, Berkeley.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens living in the U.S. and 21 years or older. Both must be present at the casting call and must come with a completed application (one per person). The casting people will videotape your audition and submit it with your applications.

“Survivor” casting takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 28 at Metro PCS, 900 Van Ness, San Francisco.

You can download the applications and read the complete list of eligibility requirements for both “Amazing Race” and “Survivor” at or For more on either casting session, call (415) 362- 5550 or log on to Comments off

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