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More Mark Curtis/Dave Clark reader comments

It’s 2008, and time to clear out the emails:

Miss Young:

I disagree with your viewers who say that Dave Clark (of KTVU) sucks! Or whatever silly word was used to
describe Mr. Clark. He is well qualified with a lot of experience! I think most of the Bay Area viewers are borderline racist! They only tolerate Dennis Richmond as a main anchor…there are no others! As for Mark C., I was an intern there 8 years ago when he would sub or work as a morning reporter! He was a jerk! He arrived there from his DC post in ’98 or ’99! He has not been at KTVU for 14 years! That is a lie!


Dave Clark

And here’s another email from a reader:

While I am not sure why Mark Curtis has been demoted, it does no matter, what is ironic is that you would demote what seems to be a light hearted individual and continue to inflict pain..forcing us to watch Dennis. So why are more people are choosing the internet, CNN and radio for their news choices? We hear personality and do not have to see pancake make-up!

Another Oakland viewer, back to ABC

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Mark Curtis

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Dennis Richmond Back, Mark Curtis Reporting

Dennis Richmond is back at his desk, and the people at KTVU couldn’t be any happier.

Dennis returned on Friday to anchor the 6 and 10 p.m. newscasts.

“I watched him and thought he was back 100 percent (after his neck surgery),” KTVU-Channel 2 news director Ed Chapuis says. “He looks good and his voice is strong.”

Dennis said in an interview with Alameda Magazine back in 2006 that he was looking at spring 2008 as a target date and that doesn’t seem to be changing although Ed says nothing new has been announced.

“Look, we all retire at some point,” Ed says. ” But we haven’t made a statement about Dennis yet.”

As for Mark Curtis, who was ousted as the early morning anchor at KTVU in favor of L.A. anchor Dave Clark, Ed says he hopes viewers will give Dave a chance.

“Mark has made the transition from anchoring to reporting. He’s still working here at KTVU and still using his skills to the best advantage,” Ed says. “Dave Clark just started last Thursday and has only been on for four mornings so far. I think he looks terrific and like a part of the team.”

Ed says he understands that viewers might not like the change, but it was done in an effort to improve the newscast.

“If you are watching KTVU news, you see a lot of people who have been here a long time,” Ed says. “I think we do the best job of covering local news in the Bay Area, but we are always looking for ways to improve our coverage and that includes adding people who have the experience and the level of quality of a Dave Clark.”

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KTVU Gets a new Face

Dave Clark’s in and Mark Curtis is out as the co-anchor of KTVU-Channel 2 ‘s Morning News, which airs from 5 to 7 a.m. weekdays.

Dave begins his new assignment on November 1.

“We are very excited to have Dave join the KTVU News team,” says Tim McVay, KTVU Vice President and General Manager. “He brings with him 35 years of outstanding broadcast journalism and a genuine commitment to the community.”

As for Mark, Timsays he will stay on as a reporter for the station.

Mark will transition to a reporter role,” Tim says. “As you know he is an excellent journalist and tremendous contributor to the community.”

Dave comes to the Bay Area from Los Angeles where most recently he has been an Anchor/Reporter at KCAL9 TV and KCBS TV. He also worked at KNBC TV.

A native of Philadelphia, Dave is married and has three children.

“We are really looking forward to moving to the Bay Area as a family,” Dave says.

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