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Ricky Gervais Saves the Emmy Awards

OK, so really nothing could save the Emmy Awards telecast, which was the most ghastly thing we’ve seen since…well, we’ve never seen anything worse than this on TV.

Honestly, what were these people thinking? The San Diego Zoo produces less dung that this smelly beast. Right from the beginning, we knew it couldn’t be saved. When you have reality show hosts Jeff Probst, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Ryan Seacrest and Tom Bergeron just standing around looking at each other saying “We’ve go nothing,” you know it’s going to be a bad night all the way around.

Although Ricky was the one bright spot:

And then there was the bit by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, which at least grabbed a couple of laughs.

But the only guy to rival Gervais was Don Rickles, who zapped the show like a pro. Too bad I can’t find a video of it.
Don Rickles and Kathy Griffith at the 2008 Emmys

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Howie Mandel makes a good deal with NBC

Let’s face it, without Howie Mandel, “Deal or No Deal” is just a lot of models with suitcases.

“Deal or No Deal” host Howie Mandel with Briefcase Models
and Storm Troopers — NBC Photo: Adam Taylor

What makes the show is Howie’s sense of humor and timing, which should serve him well in his new unscripted comedy series “Howie Do It” (that’s the working title, but we kind of like it.)

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to be in business with NBC once again,” said Mandel. “Working with them on ‘Deal or No Deal’ continues to be a phenomenal experience.”

Let’s not forget that Howie first wowed us as a doctor on the Emmy Award-winning “St. Elsewhere.” Howie begin his career on a dare when he came down to Los Angeles from Canada with some friends in 1979.

He was at the Comedy Store on amateur night and was coaxed by his friends to get up and try his luck. A producer who was in the audience hired him to appear on a comedy game show called “Make me Laugh.” Howie then started appearing on talk shows and eventually landed a gig as Diana Ross’ opening act.

That led to his role as Dr. Wayne Fiscus for six seasons on the NBC drama “St. Elsewhere.” If you haven’t seen the show, check it out for free on Hulu.

Howie’s got a great Web site, with video blogs.

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