America’s Next Top Model: Bored now

Once the off-kilter Heather got kicked to the curb last week, my interest in “America’s Next Top Model” has waned.

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Heather’s my ANTM

But, hey. We’re in the home stretch. Gotta make it work. Whoops, wrong show.

Tonight, Tyra got to play photographer again as she shot the four finalists at the Great Wall of China. Might as well called it the Great Wall of Whine-as. Jenah got all teary over missing her boyfriend and her little sisters. Wah, wah, wah…I’m so pretty, why does life have to be so hard on me? Get thee to a Burger King, baby, if you want to stick around town.

Saleisha, who looked like she might be shown the door early on in the competition, flashed real top model potential tonight. Her photos were fierce and she came out kicking. Our money’s on her for making it to the top model spot.

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Saleisha Photo: James Wade

Chantal’s all perky and pretty, but I just can’t see what the judges see in her or her pictures. When the end credits roll and we see that picture with the ousted model taken out of the picture, I’m always struck by the fact that I can’t tell Chantal from Jenah.

But justice was served tonight. I’m so over nasty Bianca, especially when she thought she was cute and misdirected Jenahto the wrong side of the mall. Oh, go over there, you can’t miss out on all the great stuff. Oh, Miss Attitude, that’s what ended up biting you in the backside tonight.

Bianca, karma’s a bitch and so are you.

Bah-bye B.

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Ding-dong the witch is gone

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