“Survivor” brats Todd & Court win again

Right off the bat tonight, Courtney won the challenge…for Denise.

The reward challenge had the Survivors taking an ancient contraption that shot arrows at a target. Todd, who always thinks he’s better than anyone else, actually was better than anyone else. He zipped the most arrows into his name cards on the target.

Denise only hit two, but then Court started shooting her arrows into Denise and Todd’s names, eventually putting Denise over the top for the win.

What is it about the Great Wall of China? CBS’ sibling net the CW sent “America’s Next Top Model” there too. I’m thinking they shared camera crews and saved a few sheckles.

Anyway, Denise ended up taking Todd and Courtney on the reward, leaving Amanda and Peih-Gee back at camp. I honestly thought Peih-Gee had swayed Amanda into her camp, but I should have known better. This group of Survivors are staying the course all the way down the line, and it paid off for them.

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Peih-Gee Law, Todd Herzog, Courtney Yates, and Amanda Kimmel during the Immunity Challenge

In the immunity challenge, which brought together different elements from past challenges including eating that big old dead bird fetus, Amanda came out victorious with Peih-Gee a close second. While an Amanda-Denise-Peih-Gee final would have been sweet, the truth is that both Denise and Amanda know they could win up against either Todd or Courtney and they couldn’t take the chance of losing those two losers.

And that’s what makes me ticked about “Survivor” these days. People who don’t deserve to make it into the final four always do. Courtney has done nothing to deserve getting this far, and she’s a nasty little witch to boot.

I actually liked Todd in the beginning because he came across as a savvy player. Now, he’s just an arrogant jerk. Even Courtney treads lightly around him, saying “An angry Todd is a bad Todd.”

So on Sunday, we’ll go live blogging. I hope you’ll join me as we weigh in on the finale. I think I’m pulling for Denise, if only because her family needs the money the most.


  1. Matt said,

    December 14, 2007 at 11:08 am

    So, according to you, Todd shouldn’t have made the final 4 because he’s “arrogant”? Last time I checked this wasn’t a MISS CONGENIALITY PAGEANT. Which, by the way, you wouldn’t win either due to calling him a “loser”. It’s a freakin’ game. And we all know that arrogance is a trait you’d NEVER find in other games such as football, basketball, boxing etc… Yeah, Right!
    But I’m sure your version of the game would be just as riveting – where all the winners must be sweet, humble and poor. Rock on Todd for making the show interesting!

  2. Susan said,

    December 14, 2007 at 11:17 am

    Ooh, anger. Todd should make the final four because he played the game well. What I do’t like about Todd or Courtney is the snotty, eye-rolling brat smack attitude. Todd’s fascinating because of his strategy and his ability to manipulate people. But I think he screwed up his game, and became a loser, when he started the attitude because now he’s the guy the two “nice” ones want to take to the finals. That makes him a loser, because he knows he has ticked off way too many people.

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