Who survived the Desperate Housewives tornado

Well, now we know who survived, and it was a bit anticlimactic we must say.

But still a good episode, and one that will have to last the fans a good long time. It was the last episode filmed, so it will be while to get back up to speed even if the WGA strike comes to an end soon.

So we’ll simply have to talk amongst ourselves. And judging from the last group chat, you might come up with even better scenarios.

We knew Victor died. We assumed Ida Greenberg was no longer among the living. But some adventuresome bloggers set out some cool scenarios, including the death of Tom.

No, we simply wouldn’t tolerate Tom getting mooshed in the tornado. FELICITY HUFFMAN, DOUG SAVANT

Lynnette handling that brood would certainly have been an interesting twist, but I simply don’t want to lose Tom over it. After all, they have the only normal relationship on Wisteria Lane.

The Scavo Clan survived the tornado on “Desperate Housewives.” But will the show survive the WGA strike? FELICITY HUFFMAN, SHANE KINSMAN, RACHEL FOX, BRENT KINSMAN – Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC

The Ida storyline actually turned out nicely, with the discovery that she played competitive baseball in a sort of “A League of Their Own” deal. We could see the crusty Ida as one of those girls all grown old.

Ida was Karen McCluskey’s best pal, and the one who found Mr. McCluskey’s body in the Mrs. McCluskey’s freezer. Guess that was all forgiven, since Karen invited Ida over to weather the storm. Ida saved the Scavo kids by putting them under the stairs. This meant there was no room for her, and she died in the collapsed house.

We’ve got two new storylines set up: Carlos is broke and blind, and doesn’t think Gaby will stick around after she discovers he’s blind. She’s coping well with the broke for right now, which is more than we would have expected from her.

And while we’ve suspected something shady happening in the Katherine-Dylan-Adam triangle, things came to a head when Katherine kicks Adam out of the house and he discovers a note that fills him on a mystery. Is the real Dylan dead? Was this Dylan snatched as her replacement? Did somebody die and there’s a cover-up?

Nah. Not on DH.

If anyone missed the episode, go to www.abc.com and watch it online.


  1. RG said,

    January 8, 2008 at 9:06 am

    Good episode. If this is the season finale, then I am satisfied.

  2. Rene said,

    January 8, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    I thought is was a good episode, Im going to miss the show! It is driving me crazy that the 10 million is flapping in the wind somewhere, I wish somebody would find it.

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