“Lost” recap: Confirmed Dead

It’s not just because of the herniated disc in my neck that I look to Will Smith to write this week’s recap. It’s also because he’s been a devoted fan of the show and one of my first Unscripted commenters.

So take it away, Will:

Well it’s good to see you have come to recognize my immense talents….

5th Ghostbuster Found!


This week’s episode of Lost revealed that Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson originally had a partner named Miles Straume. With the group split in to the “Jack’s” and the “Locke’s” we start by meeting Daniel Farady who is a bit jumpy for me and you can’t trust anyone who parachutes onto the island now can you?

Answer: no, no you can’t. As we were teased at the end of last week, they are here but they are not here to help our lovable band of island misfits. Getting back to flash back mode and away from the flash forward mode we meet the members of the “rescue team” who have been on the other end of the satellite phone.

We have the 5th Ghostbuster Miles, who is shown at some old lady’s house charging her $200 to vanquish the soul/ghost of her grandson. Instead Miles communicates with him to find a stash of cash in the wall.

Then there is the wily, unshaven and clearly Jimmy Buffet-esque pilot named Frank Lapidus. He is watching an old television that is showing some murky underwater wreckage of…drum roll please…OCEANIC FLIGHT 815!!!! Oh wait, the dead pilot still strapped in isn’t wearing his wedding band, that can’t be him, what craziness is this going on here??

NAVEEN ANDREWS (Sayid), REBECCA MADER (Charlotte), JEFF FAHEY as scruffy pilot Frank

Then fade to Tunisia where tough nosed Indiana Jane, err I mean Charlotte Lewis is paying off some Arabian archaeologist on site where she charges over to the bones of an ancient…ok well it’s a polar bear. With a handy collar that identifies it as a Dharma bear. She gets the creepy smile and wide eyed look that can really only work on TV or maybe a movie like Raptor Island (watch this movie, you won’t be sorry…for long).

Lastly we get a little flash that shows the all business black guy from Hurley’s flash forward asylum shot and he is talking to the bodyguard military trained and yet only dead member of the team, Naomi. So there we have it, Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Frank and Naomi have left the freighter but what are they after if not rescue?

Meanwhile Locke et al are trapsing through the jungle and just when we think Locke is gifted he gets duped by Ben yet again.

See a theme here?? Sawyer/James has about had it and wants to beat Ben up some more. This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer goes into boxing and wins all his bouts by letting the other guy exhaust himself hitting Homer’s stomach. Ben can take more abuse than any other human…must be a cage fighter.

They stumble on to Charlotte who tells them to hang tight, Locke says no way. They head off to find Jacob’s cabin, Ben is angered by this but just shoots his rat eyes around at anyone and everyone. You just know something bad is going to happen with Ben.

Jack and Kate go with Daniel using the sat phone to track down Miles. We see him on a rock by the ocean and he looks unconscious, except the first shot of him shows his hand behind his back and I immediately think to myself, he is going to jump them…he does. He demands to be taken to Naomi’s body so he can talk to her spirit to find out how she died.

She said to tell Miles “tell my sister I love her” That dirty dog; that’s the code for being captured and having a gun trained on her! So he knows something went wrong. They find Naomi’s body, her spirit tells Miles that Locke stuck her in the back with a knife confirming what Jack and Kate said so they decide to track down Frank using the sat phone.

Jack says not so fast my friend. Then pulling a move straight from the season two playbook he tells Miles that he has guns pointed at him and Miles and Daniel need to drop their guns. Turns out it’s true. Sayid and Juliet to the rescue! Finally Jack and Kate don’t get their butts kicked, wow.

We find Frank clamoring up a steep incline to come face to face with a bull. What’s the significance? None other than to say when the bull turns to walk away there is NO question it is a bull! Turns out he landed the helicopter while everyone else bailed out; atta boy! Juliet tends to him and they pick up Charlotte’s GPS signal on the sat phone.


Also Miles calls the frieghter but whoever he wants to talk to isn’t talking back, he’s busy so Miles will have to call back later. Jack tells him it’s about time to tell everyone why they are really here.

Back at the Locke’s, Ben has snuck the gun away from Carl.

Remember him? He was getting the Clockwork Orange treatment on the “other” island and Kate and Sawyer set him free. Kid’s lost his mind and is a bit skittish. We knew something bad was going to happen and just as Frank shoots his flare, Ben shoots Charlotte!

Like OMG can you believe it?? Well lucky for us, the storyline (the writers God bless ’em) and everyone on the island Charlotte had a bullet proof vest on. Sawyer decides Ben has to go and I mean go like kill him off.

Locke says he stands corrected and Sawyer was right but that he will kill Ben. He then asks Ben what the monster (black smoke) is but Ben won’t give up the goods saying “I don’t know”.

Ben (Michael Emerson) takes yet another lickin’ and keeps on tickin’

Locke is about to shoot him when Ben says he knows everything about Charlotte, Miles, Daniel and Frank. Turns out Ben has a guy on the frieghter! My guess is either Desmond (we see him in the preview for next week) or Patchy the Russian mad bomber. Then the climax comes…

WHY ARE THEY HERE!!! Oh turns out they are there for one reason: Ben.

Stay tuned as we still have six more episodes of fresh material before the Soprano’s like hiatus starts. With news of the WGA strike ending very soon we might even get the other 8 episodes in time for May. Based on the first two episodes it is definitely worth the wait!


Thanks Will. And if you want an interesting recap of the Freighter People, including how the character names link back to certain historic figures, check out this blog by Remote Access.


  1. Vigi Benoffski said,

    February 8, 2008 at 10:12 am


    Listen to end of Chapter 5 Again.

    Talbot video.
    Tapping Sound Behind Him.
    Why is Mr. Samuel Thomas astonished?

    Think about it.

    -a friend.

  2. Will said,

    February 8, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    I did not do the entire find815 game and although I did watch the video and do hear the tapping sound I am not sure about the significance other than the obvious. Sam’s partner Sonya was on 815 as a flight attendant, he used to work for Oceanic and Oscar is up to no good. Tapping in the background is Patchy sending info to Ben…how’s that for a stab in the dark??

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