NBC New Schedule Family Friendly? I don’t think so…

NBC’s new schedule family-friendly in the first hour? Are you joking me?

The Parents Television Council issued a press release on Friday commending NBC for announcing its commitment to the “Family Hour,” an hour of television from 8 to 9 p.m.

Obviously, the PTC simply read a press release about NBC’s fall strategy and failed to actually look at what the network was scheduling in that hour. In fact, “My Name is Earl” has been singled out by the PTC for raunchy content.

With a picture like this, need we say more about “My Name is Earl” perhaps not fitting the family-friendly label? (l-r) John Farley as Annie, Jason Lee as Earl — NBC Photo: Justin Lubin

And there’s more from PTC: This announcement comes on the heels of a recent PTC study finding that children who watch television during the Family Hour are assaulted by violence, profanity or sexual content once every 3.5 minutes of non-commercial airtime.

And here comes the PTC quote:

“We thank NBC for committing to air family-friendly programming during the Family Hour. Our recent research showed that this programming block has been flooded with adult content – on every broadcast network. Families do not want to be barraged with graphic sexual content, violence or profanity and want a time during the evening that is considered safe for the whole family to watch television. Responsible television programming is good business. We are heartened that NBC appears to be listening to the calls of so many parents and families, and we hope that other broadcast networks follow NBC’s lead,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

Tim, did you even LOOK at the NBC fall schedule?

On Monday is “Chuck,” which doesn’t mind flashing a bit of skin whenever possible.

The PTC might want to check out the dress code on “Chuck.” Sarah Lancaster as Ellie Bartowski — NBC Photo: Carin Baer

Wednesday is the new “Knight Rider,” which in the first few minutes shows a man in bed with two women. Not exactly the kid content we came to expect from the original.

Then you have Thursday, with “My Name is Earl,” and “30 Rock.” Hilarious shows. Not, however, particularly family friendly. There’s plenty we could point on in “30 Rock,” including a boss sending a male page to try and seduce a gay man. Again, “30 Rock” is one of my favorite shows, but it’s a far stretch to call it suitable for children.

Next time, before the PTC applauds a press release that says NBC has a family-friendly hour coming up in the fall, the group might actually check out the content.

Check this out, PTC: “Knight Rider” Premiere Party from the Playboy Mansion on February 12, 2008 — Pictured: Knight Rider Girls, Bruce Davison (center) — NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater

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