Gross Out TV

Not too long ago, the most disgusting thing you might see on TV would be someone picking their nose. That’s just too tame these days. You can blame it on South Park‘s Mr. Hanky, Family Guy’s barf-o-rama, or, more likely, CSI‘s gross-out of the week, but things have gotten downright tummy turning on television.

Vomiting has gotten to be so common place that you almost expect there will be some up-chucking occuring on any show these days. While
Desperate Housewives
didn’t actually show streaming puke like so many other shows love to do, they did have a discussion of stomach contents during a dinner party Bree threw. She had given her vegetarian grandson a couple of hot dogs that day, and the evidence of her deception was dissected while her guests visible squirmed in their seats.


So in the spirit of the season, we give you the top-10 disgusting scenes that made us feel more than a little nauseous.

10. House can always be counted on to deliver some new piece of gore, from people projectile vomiting the oddest things to bodies practically erupting. But this season they preyed on those of us who wonder if we’ve missed some metal in our bodies before getting into an MRI tube. A young woman had needles in her brain that started tearing out when she went into the MRI.

9. The grand master of gross, CSI and all the franchise siblings, have done so many things we find it hard to pin down the worst offense among the burned, mutilated and decomposed bodies. But what creeped us out was the Quentin Tarantino episode when Nick was trapped in an insect filled coffin. That little excursion continued to bug Nick, and us, every time a critter came close.

8. In Worst Week, Sam Briggs gets lost in the spacious home of his future in-laws during a power outage, only to discover he has mistaken the kitchen for the bathroom. And he’s just peed on the turkey cooking in the oven. Far-fetched? You bet. But try looking at turkey broth in the same light this Thanksgiving.

7. Our aversion to spit is legendary, so imagine how curdling it could be to see Pumpkin spitting into New York’s mouth in a episode of Flavor of Love.

6. Reaching back a few years, you have the season 9 skit from MadTV that could turn everyone off of eggs for their lifetime. Your practically hurl when the TV chef nearly loses it into a vat of eggs and clams. You can still catch The Eggsellent Marathon on YouTube if you have masochistic tendencies.

has left no putrid stone unturned, yet the one episode we remember as the most gut-wrenching in every sense was the one about the morbidly obese woman who was glued to her sofa by her own feces and body fluids leaking out. She has to be surgically removed from the couch.

4. We’re going back to the House again. But you can’t ignore giving a dead guy an colonoscopy, especially when the pressure builds in the body and erupts all over Foreman.

3. Fringe seems determined to up the ick at every turn. It was bad enough when the first episode had a guy vomit into the mouth of a pilot to infect him, then we had skin peeling off revealing the slippery goo underneath the victims. But the pregnancy episode still has us trying to figure out how to burn those images out of our brains.

2. Grey’s Anatomy seldom goes for the gore – and yes, we did see the episode where they guy cut his foot off with a saw – so when the show recently went over to the gross side by showing a face being peeled back during tumor surgery, it hit us right in the gut.

1. Can anyone not get the heebie-jeebies after seeing this season’s episode of My Name is Earl and the woman with the oozy eye? When the eye goo landed in Earl’s mouth during their excruciating sexual encounter, the bile never came so quickly.

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