“Lost” is losing me

So what have we learned in the past two episodes?

We found out that turning the key is Desmond’s destiny, and that his girlfriend Penny’s sinister dad has a picture of a polar bear in his office.

Stop tweaking me, Lost writers.

Then last night we have sort of a Jack-centric episode that jerks us around about how Jack got his tats and what they mean. It was a like a bad SNL skit about Dancing with Wolves: Jack is man who walks with us but alone?

Get off the island, man.

Also, we find out that Alcatraz is just some island where The Others work and apparently, when they aren’t working, they live in some comfy suburb with regular backyards where teens gaze at the stars at night.

That is, when they aren’t being killed by the elders for crossing the line.

And the stewardess from Flight 815 likes looking at Jack caged up.

Get me back to my peeps on the island. I want Sayid, Hurley, Jin, Sun and Locke. And I want Sawyer, Kate and Jack back with them

And next week, could Charlie be the next character to move on to the next world?


  1. Dino-Ray said,

    February 22, 2007 at 4:02 pm

    Agreed. I am trying desperately to latch on to Lost. I want to love it. I am forcing myself to love it. It’s like when your parents serve you your least favorite dish at dinner, but out of love for your parents, you force it down your throat.

    I thought they had me last week with the Desmond-centric episode, but now this whole tattoo thing lowered my excitement for the show – even if they did bring on the sexy Bai Ling and Christina from “Mommie Dearest.” However I do maintain a sense of hope…but I am just waiting. Help us J.J. – you’re are only hope.

  2. Will said,

    February 23, 2007 at 7:00 am

    My my, where to start on the past couple of episodes. Let’s start with the level of dis-interest in anything to do with Desmond. This bit player turned center of the show could have told his story in half the time with twice the interest. “See you in another life brotha”…yeah it’s called the reunion show.

    So last weeks big teaser was answers to 3 questions…oh really which 3 were those? Can we please get back to what made the show good and the characters we grew to love?? Please!

    I would have really enjoyed Sawyer beating up Carl and telling him “You leave beach, you leave island. You understand??” instead of tussling his hair and telling him “Dude, she’s totally worth it” BLECH!