New Hope for “Lost”

Funny you should mention hope, Dino-Ray, because right after I read your post I got next week’s episode of “Lost” in the mail.

Like Pavlov’s Dog, I jumped on it.

It’s all about hope and Hurley, with a nice little flashback to Hurley getting deserted by his dad played by Cheech Marin. (Hey, that’s not a spoiler).

Anyway, Sawyer’s back in fine form, tossing out a record-breaking number of nicknames. We’ve also got some sweet time with Jin and Sun, and good times with Charlie.

Finally, a feel-good “Lost.” And there’s even a nice bone for those of us always looking for a little mythology tidbit.

Check it out. We’ve found our “Lost” again.

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  1. Will said,

    February 23, 2007 at 7:10 am

    You know what would make me feel good; some answers to just a couple of the questions. You know the hit shows like say Alias would pose some serious questions but they also answered the minor ones along the way.

    Look no one wants all the answers now and off the island and the end of the show but there are so many loose ends out there we are starting to lose track of them all. So now we know that Rousseau and Ben hooked up at one time and Alex wasn’t really stolen but even if she was she now has a better life just like all the children who were “stolen”. However, this is all part of Desmond’s dream and when he wakes up in a lab with Penny by his side we will be thrown into a state of deep life draining hypnosis not seen since Bob woke up next to Emily.