SueTube troubles and Friday Night TV

Let’s get this straight. “Women’s Murder Club,” an improbable series about a D.A., a cop, a medical examiner and a reporter _ all women working in San Francisco, won’t win any awards for writing or acting.

But it’s not bad for a show to fold laundry by. After all, you don’t want anything too taxing on a Friday night.

Beside, my two favorite shows air on Fridays: The aptly named “Friday Night Lights” and “Numb3rs.” I’ll slip in “Men in Trees”, but “Women’s Murder Club” won’t be making it to the TiVo.

Still, in my review, I just wanted to acknowledge that sometimes you just want a show that doesn’t make your brain ache.

Since my Thursday column is tied to the vodcast, thank goodness columnist Candace Murphy stepped in at the last minute for the latest edition of SueTube.

The plan was to have a woman in law enforcement, or in a non-traditional job like a paramedic come in to talk about work conditions. A nice guy at the Alameda County Sheriff’s department gave me the name of a cop with a black belt in karate. Perfect.

I called and we had a nice conversation until she said, “Well, I’ve got to go. We’re in the middle of an operation at a massage parlor.”

Ah, I can understand why you’d have to go. In fact, a day later I read about the Richmond bust that she was taking part in as we chatted. Now, there’s a woman who can multi-task.

Too bad she was a little to busy to SueTube.

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