Jericho Fans Go for Second Resurrection

Jonathan Whitesell, one of the “Jericho” faithful, sends this message board thread from the fan site JerichoNet2 about the next assault wave.

(I accidently went to Jericho Net instead of JerichoNet2. It creeped me out a bit when the home page comes up with my IP address, my operating system and informs me that “I can see you and you can’t hide” or “you can’t hide from my watchful eye…” Thanks for correcting me on that one, MikesMom.)

Jericho Fans are at it again, this time they are fighting Nielsen for showing their show in an ugly light.

Fans of the CBS show Jericho are at it again after a second cancellation. This Campaign is large and is sweeping through the Sci-Fi community. Although they are mad at CBS this time they are pointing the finger to Nielsen Ratings, who they claim to have been misleading the public. On many Jericho related sites fans claim to be mailing nuts to Nielsen.

In a press release from a popular Jericho blog they list the faults of Nielsen. Part of the press release stated, “The Nielsen Ratings were not high enough to encourage CBS to buy into a season three, leading to its second cancellation days before the airing of the final episode. The final episode had been shot with two endings; a cliffhanger in the case of being picked up for another season, and what many fans deem as a cliffhanger that concluded the 7 episode arc storyline. The latter aired, and many fans were inspired further to start up the fight to preserve Jericho for another round of storytelling.”

As the movement begins to start up again, fans hope to see Jericho again.

Eric (Kenneth Mitchell) tells Jake he will hold down the fort while he is away in Cheyenne, on the series finale of “Jericho” last week. – CBS


  1. MikesMom said,

    March 31, 2008 at 9:36 am

    The Jericho fan site you are referring to is, the one that has your IP address revealed is Two completely, unrelated sites. As a Senior Moderator at JerichoNet2, you gave me quite a scare!

    Thanks for the coverage on the fans efforts to help Jericho see a Season 3. The efforts from JerichoNet2 are focused on showing Paramount that our large, loyal fan base is here and we want Jericho to continue. Additionally, we are contacting cable networks, primarily the Sci-Fi Channel, to try and find Jericho a new home. Our Press Release covers our approach to these networks, which I will email to you seperately, in its entirety.

  2. Will said,

    April 1, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    With all due respect to all the MINORITY fans of Jericho…please oh please let it go. Let this show go out with some respect. Without begging like the rejected 7th grade boy after the dance. I realize there is a very vocal minority of fans and that’s great but the show is what it is…as they say.

    In the internet age you can expect pretty much every show that runs at least a full season to disappoint some if it is cancelled but begging is a bit unseemly.

    Now get back to that CSI marathon like everyone else.

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