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Star struck

Star Jones just couldn’t have been all that surprised to learn her contract wasn’t going to be renewed.

After all, her nemesis Rosie O’Donnell made no secret of the fact that she was only interested in joining “The View” if Star was bounced. In a classic move of “I quit” “You’re fired,” Star told viewers during the show on Tuesday that ABC wasn’t going to renew her contract. After being honest about her departure, ABC showed her the door.

Honestly, we’re no fan of the self-absorbed Star, but the whole thing was handled badly from the start. And say what you will about her, and you will, but Star’s antics helped put “The View” on the map.

Rosie won’t join “The View” until September.

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Feeling Lost?

Let’s chat about the best Web sites for “Lost” fans _ and if you’ve had a chance to read “Bad Twin.”

It’s not like hanging with Hurley, but at least it’s something to bide the time before “Lost” comes back on the air.

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Bonds Bounced

We all knew it could never last.

“Bonds on Bonds” ended production after Barry Bonds decided he wanted more control of the series.

Producers Tollin/Robbins Productions and ESPN decided it was time to break ties with the heavy hitter. The next show was to have focused on a behind-the-scenes look at Bonds hitting his 715th home run.


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