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Grey’s Anatomy co-star says give Heigl a break

Katherine Heigl, sweet Izzie in “Grey’s Anatomy” has taken a lot of heat for not submitting herself for a Emmy. When asked why, she truthfully told reporters that she didn’t feel that she was given an episode strong enough to compete in the category.

That was quickly translated to Heigl grousing about bad scripts and looking for a way to exit the popular show to pursue her big screen career. But Chandra Wilson poo-poohs these musings.

Chandra says what the public – and she might have added the reporters – don’t understand is that actors have to have something showing off either high comedy or high drama in order to have a shot at winning.

“We go through this every single time when we put our money up for our submission,” Chandra says. “This was so blown out of proportion. Some year you submit, some years you don’t. It’s all about asking what thing do I have to present that year. Some years you submit, some years you don’t.”

Chandra was at the Beverly Hills Hilton chatting with reporters during the summer press tour about her new Hallmark Channel move, “Accidental Friendship.”

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When Valerie Was Famous

Valerie Bertinelli, who stars in the August Hallmark Channel movie “Clare,” told critics here at the summer press tour that young celebrities weren’t stalked by photographers they way they are today.

“It’s a lot more negative than back when I was famous, and crueler,” says the former America’s sweetheart from “One Day At A Time.”

So is she afraid that now that she’s back in the public eye, how will she handle it?

“Oh, they don’t give a (non Hallmark friendly explicitive) about me,” Bertinelli says.

Bertinelli did grab the spotlight recently talking about her weight battle. She looks fabulous, having lost 28 pounds and counting. But the movie was filmed before she started losing the pounds and admits to partaking to the ample snacks available during filming of the movie, which may become series.

“I ate from the craft table,” Bertinelli says. “Trust me.”

While Bertinelli says she stays pretty close to her diet, fellow Hallmark Channel star Dick Van Dyke got a big laugh when he told everyone “I saw Valerie eating a piece of cake.”

As for another fellow Hallmark star, Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine, Van Dyke quipped that he was happy to see him in the room because “he’s the only guy in the building older than me.”

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