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Auditions for new CW Reality Show

The show is being described as “The Devil Wears Prada” meets “The Assistant” and it comes from Tyra Banks and Ken Mok, who teamed up for “America’s Next Top Model.” The new cycle of ANTM starts Feb. 20.

Miss Tyra Banks of “America’s Next Top Model” is looking for contestants for her next reality show.

Bottom line, do you want to enter the fashion world as a minion?

“It is a competition show about aspiring assistants looking to become assistant editors at a fashion magazine,” says Mok. “At the same time they’re trying to prove themselves as aspiring fashionistas, that they have a sense of style and savvyness, all the things to make it in the fashion world.”

Open auditions will be held this Saturday, February 9, at the Hilton San Francisco Financial District, 750 Kearny St. from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Written applications will be available for download here. , however it’s not required that you have a completed application in order to audition. Applicants must be between 18 and 27 at the time of application.

According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter, Eli Holzman, who developed “Project Runway” at Miramax TV, and the show’s executive producers Jane Cha and Desiree Gruber, fashion experts and managers of “Runway” host Heidi Klum, came up the initial idea for the new series and pitched it to the CW.

The network in turn suggested a collaboration with Banks and Mok in mounting the production because of Banks’ background as a supermodel and the duo’s experience in the fashion reality genre with “Top Model.”

Banks, Mok, Holzman, Cha and Gruber will executive produce the series, which has received an eight-episode order and will begin production in April for a launch in late spring or summer.

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Project Runway: Man O’Fashion

“What was it they had right before the Titantic sunk? Oh, yeah. Panic.”

Steven nailed it. Tonight, the designers were in full-on freak mode as they struggled to make something snappy in men’s wear for “Today” correspondent Tiki Barber. The designers admitted they didn’t know much about designing for men and that was an understatement. The clothes overall were horrible.

Even the tonight’s top designers shouldn’t be patting themselves on the back. It was more about judging the best among the mediocre. There was a sea of barely wearable, with the bottom trio justifiably ashamed of what they had created.

“This challenge is going to be so difficult to judge because there’s going to be so many things that are so jacked up,” Christian said, summing up the fashion disaster that was tonight’s show.

True words, Christian my friend.

U.C. Berkeley grad Jack won the challenge with an interesting stripe pant and shirt combo. He wisely decided not to try to make a vest or jacket to go with it, because he knew he didn’t have the time or the expertise to pull it off.

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Jack’s creation

And speaking of pulling it off, when he couldn’t figure out how to make a pattern for the pants, he pulled his own pants off and turned them into a guide to making a pattern. Cheater? Maybe. But the judges decided to give him the win anyway.

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Jack takes the win tonight

Actually, I thought Kit’s design was better, but Tiki seemed to like the idea of parading around in stripes.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Sweet Pea in her less haggard pre-taping days

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And her pitiful creation

Sweet Pea dodged a major bullet, probably only squeaking out because of her previous work. Her shirt’s collar went wildly out of control, with too much fabric slopping around the neck. So what did she do? Sweet P put a tie on it. That’s like the days when pregnant women put a big bow on their blouses so no one would notice the huge basketball they were carrying in their tummy.

The tearful Ricky blubbered away when he got a pass for a boring suit held together with pins and good thoughts.

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Ricky when he’s not crying

But at least he didn’t drape fabric around his model’s neck to hide the fact that he wasn’t wearing a shirt under his jacket. Tiki’s wife called the jacket very “Members Only” – a dated throwback that had problems all on its own without any help from the drapery.

And before her model could even leave the dressing room, Carmen was sewing the waistband where a button would have worked so much better. And safer. There was no doubt who was getting Auffed tonight:

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Carmen — Bravo Photo: Barbara Nitke

And the loser is….

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Runway gives way to chef

“Project Runway” ends for the season, but “Top Chef” is ready to heat things up.

But first, a little “Runway” chatter.

Last night, Laura tattled on Jeffery for using people to do his sewing for him. Jeffery said only that he had some people do some pleating for him. Which, is legal, as long as he has the receipts for it. (The were given $8,000 to do their collections and have to provide receipts for every penny paid out.)

We think everything will turn out for Jeffery, but who knows? Did he collapse into Uli’s arms (as seen in the previews for Wednesday’s finale) because he was relieved or grief-stricken?

And just how grossed out were we all when Laura’s son offered our dear Tim turtle poop? We were not amused.

Anyway, Nick Verreos, of ‘Project Runway’s‘ second season, designed a limited edition apron to celebrate the third season finale of Bravo’s ‘Project Runway’ (10 p.m.) and the second season premiere of ‘Top Chef’ (11 p.m.), both airing back-to-back on Bravo Wednesday, October 18.

‘Top Chef’ moves to its regular 10:00 p.m. timeslot on Wednesday, October 25.

“I love the show and thought this would be a fun ‘challenge,’ even though I don’t even cook–I order out! I could just see my friends saying, ‘When are YOU going to ever use this apron?’ Well, whenever I get on the phone to order out,” Nick says. “I wanted to design a unique apron that wasn’t your mother’s old apron, so no silly sayings like ‘Blame the Cook,’ or cheesy food graphics like a turkey or fruit. I wanted it to be the hip apron. The end result was this white apron with colorful graphic suspended knives and the word ‘Chop!’

The limited edition Apron will be available on for $40.00 starting October 18.

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Project Runway: Auf’d and On

As our dear Heidi Klum repeats each week, in fashion, one day you’re in and the next, you’re out.

And then, apparently, you’re back in again.

In a really wretched twist, Holly Hobby, er, Angela and Vinny the Perv got a second chance. Luckily, they were even worse than before and got the boot. Along with our own Mr. Sparkle Kayne.

If anyone has seen the collections of Uli, Laura, Michael and Jeffrey from Fashion Week – and even if you haven’t – I’ve got a shameful secret.

I actually like Jeffrey’s collecton the best. Michael’s classey styles seem to only surface during the show’s challenges. The collection, from what I saw, was filled with hot pants, and not much else.

Let’s hope we see a better view next week.

Uli and Laura both go back to the well, doing the same stuff we’ve seen all season.

And then Tat Boy blows them out of the water with some really excellent pieces. Who knew he could design something more than just rock star togs?

It’s going to be an interesting finale, with our money split between our favorite, Michael, and the personality challenged Jeffrey.

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Clear the Runway

Well, it’s getting down and serious now, folks. Vincent has, thankfully, been auff’d on “Project Runway.” For all the Kayne bashing about him being a tasteless rube, who was it that showed up with sofa material, glue and an Angela rosetta pasted to the back?

Couture fashions

Vincent (whose dress is on the left), what could you possibly have been thinking?
Then, Vinny the Perv had us grabbing the sick sack when he once again felt the need to share his carnal love for his creation.

Now to Okie prom queen Kayne’s gown. If only the front of the bodice hadn’t been so glittery. He did a great job on the skirt and the back was to die for. I think that Elle editor just has it in for him at this point.

I would have gone with Uli’s gown this time around, because it was couture. Which is a word I thought I knew until this episode. Means hand made. I thought it meant high fashion. My bad.

Anyway, sadly I’m guessing Kayne’s auff’d next week, bringing us to our final four of Michael (whose dress is in the middle), Uli, Laura and Jeffrey (whose dress is on the right). I try to like Jeffrey, but just can’t. I’m rooting for Michael right now.

Any thoughts?

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