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Buttons and Bows gets bounced from ”Runway”

Angela, Ms. Buttons and Bows, it was time to go.

The challenge this week on “Project Runway” was for the designers to create a jet-setter outfit and then model the creation themselves. The lucky designers even got a trip to Paris, although Angela’s was just a layover on the way to Bootsville.

For too many weeks, Angela, you’ve missed the mark. But tonight was the worst ever with that odd little baggy shorts and tank top number. You had more rosettes hanging from you than a prime pig at the county fair.

And of course, we like you much better than Tat Boy Jeffrey. But the lout has talent, and he showed it when he won the challenge.

Although I would have given the first place spot to momma’s boy Michael. I mean, really, what other boy from the hood would think seersucker? It was an amazing mix of hip-hop meets Hamptons.

Uli remains my favorite, although she didn’t quite come up to the challenge this week. And snobby little Laura is starting to grow on me.

As for Kayne, Elvis apparently has never left your building. As sweet as you are, my Oklahoma cupcake, it’s time for you to start packing your bags. Vincent, get ready on deck.

For some juicy backstage gossip from Tim’s podcast, check out Chad Jones’ comment below. And Chad gives great theater blog at Theater Dogs

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“Friends” creator sets Class rules

Here’s the way things work: When you are writing about a show, you tend to link the names to the project that people in the real world are going to recognize.

So when CBS’ new comedy series “The Class” was introduced, we all wrote about the seriesfrom the creator David Crane, who also did a little show called “Friends.” Crane co-created “The Class” with professional and life partner Jeffrey Klarik.

Klarik’s a swell guy with a sparse resume. So, of course, reporters linked Crane with “The Class” and left off Klarik in the spirit of saving some much-needed space.

Which caused the creators to bristle.

Which brings us to The Card.

Critics got a card from CBS this week with a picture of the cast of “The Class” and on the back, a nice little picture of Crane and Klarik. And a not-so-subtle line under the picture saying “created by David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik.”

Nice try. Bottom line is that there’s precious little space in the newspaper to list all the creators/producers and other people viewers don’t really care a flying Frito about.

So tag, Crane. You’re it. No matter how many postcards you send, we’re still going to say “The Class,” by “Friends” creator David Crane.

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“Lost” candy

Oh, those wacky “Lost” people.

Today, an Apollo candy bar came in the mail from the Apollo Candy Company. Which is, of course, a subsidiary of The Hanso Group.

Stay with us.

As “Losties” all know, Hanso is behind the whole island experiments. Don’t tell us Hanso’s the evil empire. They saved the Apollo Candy Company from financial ruin.

The first Apollo Bars were distributed in San Francisco, but this is the last place to get the bars. They will be distributed on Sept. 20.

For people who want to get some free chocolate, and trust me it’s pretty yummy, and go to the official site and find out when the free giveaways will happen in your hometown.

And, as always, for more information on The Hanso Foundation, visit

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K-Fed’s Crime Scene

Finally, Britney’s boy has a role he can really get into: a mouthy punk.

Kevin Federline’s been tapped for an upcoming episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” He’ll be playing Cole Tritt, an arrogant teen who hassles Nick and Warrick while they work a crime scene.

I’m still trying to figure out where the acting comes into play.

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Simon Says: Little Richard rocks

When it came time for Simon Cowell to choose his panel of judges for “Duets”, which debuts Aug. 29 on Fox, he knew he had to have Little Richard.

Little Richard, he’s an artist, he’s a personality. I’ve seen so many shows when the panel is boring, so when I heard Little Richard was interested in (being a judge), I said book him. (Judge) David Foster is very serious and Little Richard is a little more unpredictable. He’s not the obvious choice and that’s why I liked it.

The show teams singing legends from Clint Black to Gladys Knight with actors and other personalities not known for their singing ability.

So will the judges hold back on their snippy comments?

Cowell thinks not. But what will be more interesting is hearing what the celebrities have to say to the judges.

I think that celebrities tend to be, as I say it, a little more lippy.

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Are You the One That They Want?

Ooh, ooh, oh.
NBC thinks America really wants to choose the next leads for “Grease.”
“You’re the One That I Want” is a new talent competion that is set to premiere mideseason. America will ultimately get to chhose the two leads _ sweet Sandy Dumbrowski and sexy Danny Zuko – for a new Broadway production of “Grease.”
For those three people out there who haven’t heard of “Grease,” it’s the musical based on high school life in the 1950s. You know, Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta?
NBC hopes viewers will be hopeless devoted to this new talent show.
No world on auditions for the series, but tickets for the musical, which opens next June, will go on sale Dec. 1.

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