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I’m currently working as a freelance TV writer. My most recent freelance work has been with the Washington Post, Variety, TV Times, Emmy magazine, People,, and BuddyTV.
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I was the Oakland Tribune TV critic/writer for 15 years and currently I’m the President of the Television Critics Association.
Here are some samples of my freelance articles:

Toronto Globe and Mail
Cable’s Brand New Swagger

For some of the stories I’ve written and/or reported for People, click here
People online stories:

Brad Pitt on Jennifer Aniston comments

Glee Project Winners
Desperate Housewives Ends
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in Livermore
Kim Kardashian
Hef Engagement Personal for Holly
Glee’s Kurt Gets a Love Upgrade
Guy Fieri’s Dream Kitchen
Sandra Cantu
Jaycee Dugard Update
Jessica Simpson’s Self Esteem
Weight Loss Challeng
Saving Neighbors From Harmful Fumes

Matt LeBlanc Goes Gray

Jaycee Dugard Wants Her Pets Back

Neighbors called Jaycee Dugard’s Captor Creepy Phil

David Boreanaz on Baby #2

Most recent Variety stories:

Top 25 TV Series of All Time

Moms Rule Emmy Race

Twitter Makes for Critics Conundrum

TV Hosts with the Most

Devoted “Lost” Fans Delay Passion

NAB Launches Chairman Award

The Doctors Deliver Daytime Ratings

Starz Gets Growth Spurt

“Biggest Loser” Marketing Winner

“Desperate” Tunes

Reality Show Hosts Tapped to Emcee Emmys

“Amazing Race Looks for Sixth Emmy Win

Reality Hosts Get Emmy Category

Critics Weigh in On Emmy’s Drama Nominations

Critics Weigh in On Emmy’s Comedy Nominations

Ad guys talk about how to market smart shows like “Colbert Report” and “Mad Men.”

Connie Britton, Melora Hardin, Yunjin Kim and Rachel Griffiths look at chances for Emmy win

January Jones and Christina Hendricks: The Women of “Mad Men”

Jimmy Kimmel celebrates 1,000th episode

Jimmy Kimmel’s Favorite Episodes

Jimmy Kimmel talks YouTube-ing Ben Affleck

Talk show split gives gabbers new life.

Drew Carey: Is it the game or the host that makes the talk show?

Mike Judge ready to move on from “Beavis and Butt-head” to “King of the Hill”

Most recent articles:

Teens Rule in Bloody Game of Thrones

Mad Men Returns with a Smile

Remember Davy Jones

Newsmakers on Simpsons

Shane vs. Rick: Who Survives?

Bachelor’s Courtney Gets Tuned

Debra Messing Sings on Smash

Adam Levine on his “Voice”

Alec Baldwin Hints End of 30 Rock

Geek Girls and Game of Thrones

Seven Ways to Fix Two and a Half Men.

Oprah Has Her OWN Problems

Friends Forever

Hottest Docs on TV

Things Get Creepy on Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives Please Viewers, but Not Critics

Undercovers Goes Beyond Race

It’s About Damn Time

Will Syndication Suck the Life out of True Blood?

Sizzling True Blood Hookups

Let’s Recast Some Fall TV Roles

Kitchen Competitions Cook Up Drama

Summer TV Shows

Glee Beginning to Sound Out of Tune

Weird World of Rich and Poor on TV

Mysteries of Lost

American Idol Check List

can Ellen Make Idol Viewers Forget Paula?”

7 Wacky Moments from “24”

Most recent Washington Post stories:

Syfy kicks off with Warehouse 12

Nancy Kwan talks about “Hollywood Chinese.”

Michael J. Fox talks about being an optimist

J.J. Abrams on the origins of “Fringe” and Joshua Jackson and John Noble talk about father-and-son ties

If the link above doesn’t work, try this one.

PBS’ “Make ‘Em Laugh”

Faith Hill, Melissa Etheridge talk about “A Home for the Holidays” on CBS.

Anthony Edwards back as Dr. Greene on “ER”

Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane Jump Ahead Five Years

PBS New Fall Shows

PBS’ Documentary “Carrier” is Real World: Persian Gulf

Battlestar Galactica: Next Stop Earth

CBS miniseries “Comanche Moon”(Val Kilmer)

PBS’ “Jewish Americans”

Most Recent People Stories (Reporter):

Hero Pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger

To read my stories, please go to my landing page.

Most recent stories:

Bella Swan Not a Good Role Model For Teen Girls

Jay Leno Lands 10 p.m. Slot

2008 Was a Tough Year for TV

TV’s dark heroes stretch moral boundaries articles

Top 10 Dancing with the Stars Moments

Dancing with the Stars looks more like ER

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