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“Grey’s Anatomy” : Freedom for Cristina/Sandra Oh

Nobody puts Cristina Yang in the corner – at least not for very long.

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) finally gets her surgical groove back, with the help of Sparkle Pager, on the season finale of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“I’m happy we’re wrapping up the relationship with Erica Hahn,” says Sandra Oh. “I know the fans were frustrated with the way Cristina was, but I think they’ll be fine with the way everything works out.”

I knew I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed in the early stages this season on “Grey’s Anatomy.” . Cristina’s depression after getting dumped at the altar by her prince-not-so-charming-after-all was hard enough, but to watch her flush that strong sense of who she was right down the tube was physically painful.

Preston Burke scooted out of that relationship like a wilting weasel, leaving Cristina to pick up the pieces.

We all know why, of course.

Actor Isaiah Washington had opted to write his own script when it came to relationships with cast members like T.R. Knight. Washington’s inflammatory remarks about sexual orientation were completely out of line.

But why should Sandra Oh pay the price? Last season, she did a mesmerizing job of showcasing Cristina in a life-changing evolution as she allowed herself to find love and vulnerability. She should have won the Emmy for it.

This season was difficult for everyone because of the WGA strike, but the whole storyline of how Christina became Hahn’s whipping girl was soul sucking.

Which brings us to this season’s finale “Freedom.”

Thankfully, we got at least five new episodes to tide us over until the fall and I like the direction.

Well, most of it anyway.

I’m not sure about the instant lesbian situation between Hahn and Callie, which took on an entirely too creepy tone when the writers chose to have horn dog Mark Sloan turn into a matchmaker between the two.

But having George retake the exam so he can move on with his career was a nice touch. Time to show why George may just be the best doc of the bunch.

And it was high time Meredith moved on towards being an adult. The final moments in the two-hour season ender when she vents a bit towards Derek before the two get swept up in the legendary romance was delicious.

But no good can come of the final moment when Derek decides he has to clear the air with Rose before he and Meredith can begin their new life together. Death, destruction and ooh-so-many-bad vibes on that one.

Bring it on.

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Isaiah goes Bionic

After his acrimonious departure from “Grey’s Anatomy,” Isaiah Washington already landed a new gig on NBC’s “Bionic Woman.”

He will be in five of the first six episodes of “Bionic Woman.”

The new co-chairman at NBC, Ben Silverman, doesn’t seem concerned about Isaiah’s previous bad behavior which included using pejorative words towards gays.

“He’s a wonderful actor and a great performer,” Silverman says.“When he told me he was available, I was like, “You are? Wait. They let — I don’t understand. What do you mean? You’re a huge star on a star television show.” ”

Silverman goes on to say he didn’t quite understand what had gone on with Isaiah. Short version, Silverman: Isaiah’s the backside of a northbound horse who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

In any case, Silverman insists “the character that’s been created for him is really strong and one that he’ll do a great job at, and that’s what, I think, people will respond to, and we’re excited to see come to fruition his portrayal of that character.”

Of course, if they based casting on being a good person, the pool would be shallow indeed.

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