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Sheen passes the torch

Charlie Sheen used to be known as the tabloid headling king for his antics involving Hollywood madams, drugs and overall chaotic life.

But now, he reminds us, he’s just a guy doing a TV show who has some nice kids and is happily engaged. And Sheen’s more than eager to let the Lindsay Lohans and Britney Spears take that searing spotlight.

“There’s several people recently at least in the last year that have snatched that torch from me,” Sheen says with his dry wit delivery. “I just stay home and let it happen basically, but I feel for them.”

Any advice?

“I mean, it’s not that complicated to hire a car or just to carry some extra cab fare at some point,” he says.

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Lindsay Lohan fan

Wild child Lindsay Lohan may not be your first choice when you think star power, but show biz veteran Carol Burnett thinks otherwise.

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The Defamer catches Lindsay in yet another wardrobe malfunction.

When asked who she thinks is the most talented actress in the new generation, Carol quickly named Lindsay.
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“I think Lindsay Lohan is a big talent, and my wishes go with her,” Carol told TV critics at the PBS portion of the summer press tour. “She has a lot to offer and I am praying for her that she’ll be OK.”

Future Oscar-winner or rehab regular? Discuss with us.

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