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We’ve already hash out the fact that we’re morally opposed to letting 40 kids aged 8-14 go all “Lord of the Flies” on a reality show.

But it’s like objecting to veal. We don’t think it’s right to feed off baby calves, but now that the deed is done, might as well check out the veal scallopini.

Critics didn’t get a preview copy of CBS’ “Kid Nation,” because frankly the network knew we weren’t enthusiastic. So why waste postage?

Bottom line: The producers totally ripped off “Survivor,” which I guess is OK when CBS is the mother ship for both vessels. Just like “Survivor,” the participants _ this time kids aged 8-15 _ were sent off to their new home dragging their belongs with them. The were divided into four teams with different colored buffs. Then the teams had to compete for positions in the town’s social structure.

Oh, and since all four teams finished under the time limit, they got to choose between two rewards: A television or like seven more outhouses. The choice was obvious. Even kids know you can’t have 40 kids using one bathroom.

Then, at the end, one kid was chosen to get the gold star worth $20,000. Honestly, we thought after Sophia, 14, of Florida shot her mouth off at the town meeting, the council was going to change their minds about giving her the big prize.

But they didn’t.

There were a lot of kids sobbing, which got a little old. There was also way too much bickering. Because really, you can’t get enough of kids whining at each other, am I right?

Overall, I’ve got to say that I’m going to pass on any more “Kid Nation” episodes. What about you?

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