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Testing “Nashville”

Fox’s “Nashville” had a few fun moments in it, but I’m just not sure what’s going on. Everyone seems to be looking for a career in country music, except the one dude whose dad rents/sells jets.

Looks like slimey Clint Moseley is just a guy trying to get lucky in front of the cameras. And by lucky, I mean get a little action with the ladies. And so far, he’s been pretty gosh darn lucky.

I’m wondering what former quarterback Terry Bradshaw thinks about his little girl Rachel getting played by this guy? I keep thinking there’s going to be a major tackle in his future.

And poor Matt Jenkins, who got dropped from his record label and now seems to be getting the boot from Mika Combs, who has a boyfriend back home in Kentucky. Yet, she seems awfully cozy with ol’ Clint.

So, right now I’m testing out embedding a non-You Tube clip here. Let’s see how it works. Should it be lower resolution? How long does it take to load?

The first one introduces the cast:

This one tells you what Nashville is all about…for them.

Help me out here, OK?

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