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“Heroes” Heating up

OK, it’s just a week away from Veronica Mars, er, Kristen Bell, coming on “Heroes.” But first, we must deal with tonight’s episode.

I have to admit I wasn’t blown away by the first, or even the second, episode of “Heroes.” Things didn’t start getting interesting for me until last week. This week, things really started percolating.

Spooky Sylar hooked up with the Troublemint Twins, a coincidence that makes you suspend your disbelief by epic proportions. But just like a bad horror flick, I started screaming at the screen: Shut UP Maya. Yet, she didn’t, and now Sylar’s heading to New York with the double sibs to find Suresh.

But the big news of the night is THE PHOTO. The photo shows the 12 who are related to some of the Heroes, like Hiro’s deceased dad and Peter and Nathan’s parents. We discover tonight that one of the men in the photo is Suresh’s new boss and more importantly, another man in the photo is Parkman’s estranged dad.

Parkman tells Suresh that dad deserted him when he was 12, gave him $125 and a pat on the head before dashing out of Dodge.

Worse news. Parkman’s deadbeat dad is the Nightmare Man who has been haunting Parkman’s charge Molly.


So Parkman gets Molly to confront her worst nightmare and seek out evil dad. What were you thinking, Parkman??? Now we know where daddy dearest is, but at what cost to poor little Molly?

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Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh, Adair Tishler as Molly, Greg Grunberg as Matt Parkman — NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Next week, Kristen Bell, who looked deliciously wicked in the previews. “Heroes” is back on the can’t wait for the next episode list.

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Kristen Bell as Elle — NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Oh, and the Big Showdown with Nightmare Man is just three weeks away. Here’s the blurb:

Nov. 5 episode:

WHILE SEVERAL HEROES FACE OFF AGAINST THE “NIGHTMARE MAN,” PETER LEARNS JUST HOW DEADLY THE VIRUS CAN BE — When one of his forgotten abilities suddenly manifests, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Caitlin (Katie Carr) get thrown into a crisis situation, and learn first-hand just how deadly the mysterious virus striking people with abilities can be. Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy), Matt (Greg Grunberg), Nathan (Adrian Pasdar), Niki (Ali Larter) and Bob (guest star Stephen Tobolowsky) band together to fend off the “nightmare man’s” attack. Despite Claire’s (Hayden Panettiere) best efforts to keep them apart, West (Nick D’Agosto) learns that the man who kidnapped him as a child is her father (Jack Coleman). Meanwhile, in feudal Japan, Hiro (Masi Oka) and Kensei’s (David Anders) legendary journey takes a dramatic, final turn. Kristen Bell, Noah Gray-Cabey, Dana Davis, James Kyson Lee, Zachary Quinto and Dania Ramirez also star. Alan Blumenfeld, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Shalim Ortiz, Eriko Tamura and Adair Tishler guest star.

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“Heroes” hits its stride

I have to admit, I was starting to get a little worried about my show after the past two weeks.

And I’m still not really happy with the lousy Irish accents in the Peter storyline, although I am appreciating the buffness that is the new Peter. The only storyline I enjoyed right from the beginning was Hiro in old Japan.

The twins haven’t really done it for me. She kills, he heals. Too many subtitles. I don’t like subtitles as a rule because while you are reading, you miss out on the actors and the nuances in their faces. With these new characters, it gets annoying quite quickly.

But tonight we got Sylar, and that bad to the bone boy has learned that he still has some considerable limits on his power. Thank goodness.

And what a treat to see original “Star Trek” actress Nichelle Nichols as Micah’s caregiver.

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Nichelle Nichols as Nana Dawson — NBC Photo: Chris Haston

First Sulu (George Takei) and now Uhura. Trekkies should be in bliss. Can Spock and Kirk be far behind?

It’s all a great tie-in to the new “Star Trek” being film, which stars Zachary Quinto (Sylar) as Spock.

For fans of Kristen Bell (“Veronica Mars”), she’ll be showing up as Elle on the Oct. 22 ep.

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Kristen Bell NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Yep, I’m back on board after tonight’s show.

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Name Dropping

So my friend Dave Walker at the New Orleans Time Picayune was a little shocked last week to discover that his name was dropped on “Private Practice” – as a man with a drinking problem.

TV writers love using TV critics’ names as characters. My first encounter was a “Law & Order” episode in which Susan Young was riding with her boyfriend when he committed a hit-and-run.


When I was checking out YouTube, there was a clip from “CSI:NY” from last Dec. when my name was used as a murder victim:

It’s all done in fun. But couldn’t I just once be the gorgeous blond that someone like Sawyer has been lusting for?

Well, you’ve seen my picture. I guess not.

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“The Office” notes

Can Angela Kinsey be any more adorable?

We think not. On a recent trip to San Francisco,where she met up with officetally tireless blogger Jennie Tan, Angela talked about herself and “The Office.”

You can read the article I wrote for the Bay Area News Group about Jennie and Angela, or check out the vodcast

But it would have been nice to include all the great stories Angela told during our time together. She told us that Joss Whedon of “Buffy” fame will be back directing an episode in the next two weeks. And that the reason why she doesn’t make eye contact with co-star Rainn Wilson on the set is simple: He makes her laugh.

And we thought it was to protect the office romance.

Our favorite was when she talked about the anniversary present she and her sibs were giving to their parents.

Angela’s parents live in Archer City, Texas, where “The Last Picture Show” is set. And it’s right in the middle of what’s known as Tornado Alley. Angela says the skies are so bright and clear, they decided to buy their parents a telescope.

But mom thought for sure they were going for something else.

“My mom said, `I know what you all are going to buy us,’ ” Angela says. ” `You’re going to get us a ‘fraidy hole.’ I told her I didn’t even know what a ‘fraidy hole was. We don’t have them in California. She didn’t believe me that I didn’t know what one was or that I wasn’t going to get that for her for their anniversary.”

Angela’s sister clued her in on just what this might be.

“Basically, it’s a storm cellar in your backyard where you can go when the tornadoes come through,” Angela says. “Maybe we should have gotten one for them. We had a tornado at our wedding. My husband is from Connecticut, so he doesn’t know about tornadoes. I just looked at him and said, ‘Babe, this doesn’t look good.’ But luckily it went to the town next to us.”

Well, lucky for everyone except the town next door.

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Survivor, Sleaze Edition?

Mud wrestling with half naked men and women, but mostly women, in the reward challenge tonight.

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Ashley Massaro, Erik Huffman, Sherea Lloyd and Dave Cruser, during the reward challenge,”Chinese Checkers.” Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

In fact, make that bare-breasted women. Amanda, who lost her top, got it right when she said, “My mom is going to kill me!.”

Before going on, I’d like to make a shameless plug for my vodcast on the breast issue on SueTube.

Moving on, we had the first alliance formed on the Fei Long clan with Amanda, Aaron and Todd. Todd seems to be getting the vote of confidence in the tribe.

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Amanda Kimmel, Todd Herzog and Aaron Reisberger team up. Monty Brinton/CBS

After Leslie got the clue from “kidnapped” Jamie about where to find the immunity idol, she immediately told Todd so he would help her.

How can these people trust the Todd???

But perhaps the best quote of the night was when lazy snore-boy Jean-Robert explained that he may not do much physical work, but “I contribute with my mind.”

Oh, and I kissed my five bucks good-bye tonight when Ashleygot tossed.

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Ashley Massaro just couldn’t stop feuding with Dave, and it got her booted.

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How Was Your Summer?

I’ll admit, this wasn’t the best summer for me. Right now, under the current regime, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to write about TV, or if I’ll get to keep the column I’ve had for more than 14 years.

Boo-hoo, right? I mean, how many people get to say they watched TV for a living for more than a decade?

So it’s time to put the big girl panties on, and what better way to get through a difficult summer than to find out that maybe your pals at “The Office” had an even worst time.

Check it out:

We can hardly wait for the fall season to start. And who knows? If Ryan can become the boss, maybe I can too…

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More High School Musical

Once is never enough, so tune in to another showing of “High School Musical 2” at 8 p.m. Thursday on the Disney Channel.

And maybe this time you’ll spot the special cameo by “Hannah Montana” herself, Miley Cyrus.

Miley’s in the finale musical number. Her role was a result of a poll at, where viewers cast a total of 45 million votes that determined certain elements of the “High School Musical 2.”

The questions included, “Which ‘Hannah Montana” star would you like to see in the movie?”

Like that would be a hard one to predict…

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And here’s an added bonus: A short interview that Knoxville News TV writer Terry Morrow did with Zac Efron in July:

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Coming soon: Heroes World Tour

Coming to a country near you soon: The cast of “Heroes.”

Starting on Sunday, “Heroes” tries its boldest exploit yet when a dozen cast members travel to eight countries around the world in eight days celebrating the launch of “Heroes” Season One DVD and HD DVD on Aug. 28 and hyping the second season premiere on Sept. 24.

“The message of ‘Heroes’ has always been about our world being a completely inter-connected place and this world tour is a celebration of that spirit,” says Pittsburg native and “Heroes” creator Tim Kring. “We’re all very excited to embark on this adventure next week and eager to hear from fans everywhere.”

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The tour has been split into three legs with four cast members traveling to each destination. Here you go:

-Munich (8/26-8/27
-Paris (8/28-8/29)
-London (8/30-9/2)
Cast Members: Jack Coleman (“H.R.G.”), Hayden Panettiere (“Claire”), Adrian Pasdar (“Nathan”), and Milo Ventimiglia (“Peter”) with executive producer Dennis Hammer

-Tokyo (8/26-8/28)
-Hong Kong (8/29-8/30)
-Singapore (8/31-9/2)
Cast members: Greg Grunberg (“Matt”), Ali Larter (“Niki), Masi Oka
(“Hiro”), and Sendhil Ramamurthy (“Mohinder”)

-New York City (8/27-8/29)
– Toronto (8/30-9/1)
Cast members: Noah Gray-Cabey (“Micah”), James Kyson Lee
(“Ando”), Zachary Quinto (“Sylar”), and Dania Ramirez (“Maya”) with co-executive producer/writer Jeph Loeb and acclaimed graphic novel artist Tim Sale (“Batman: The Long Halloween”)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Pictured: (l-r) Tim Kring, Zachary Quinto, Greg Grunberg, Milo Ventimiglia, Sendhil Ramamurthy — NBC Photo: Chris Haston

One highlight of the North American leg will be the appearance of cast members Gray-Cabey, Lee, Quinto and Ramirez along with artist Sale and co-executive producer Loeb at the NBC Experience Store in New York City on August 28, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Fans can visit the store and participate in signings of the “Heroes” Season One DVD and HD DVDs and other show merchandise on the floor.

Later on Aug. 28, Loeb and Sale will also appear at Midtown Comics Times Square, a popular local comic book and collectibles store, at 4-6 p.m. for a special autograph session for fans.

The “Heroes” Season One DVD will be an elaborate seven-disc set loaded with bonus features, including 50 deleted scenes and the 73-minute never-aired version of the pilot episode.

The HD DVD offers a web-enabled Download Center that allows
users unique access to exclusive online content, as well as other
groundbreaking features such as the Heroes Abilities Test, The Helix Revealed, Character Connections and Picture-in-Picture Commentary.

Immediately following the autograph session, the stars will join with
The Conservation Fund in a ceremonial tree planting to highlight the carbon zero “Heroes World Tour.”

Next spring, the fund will plant 188 trees in a Texas wildlife refuge to offset the tour’s carbon footprint, including the emissions that will result from the air and auto travel, as well as hotel stays. As the trees grow, the new forest will safeguard the habitat for wildlife and trap more than 250 tons of carbon dioxide.

The green message of the “Heroes World Tour” will be an important aspect of the campaign. Special limited edition green t-shirts, featuring art by Tim Sale, have been created for the “Heroes World Tour” and 50 percent of the sales proceeds will be donated to The Conservation Fund.

Ten percent of all “Heroes” merchandise sold at the NBC Experience
Store on Aug. 28 will also be donated to The Conservation Fund.
Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, STAR TV is sponsoring a “Heroes: Save the World Party” in conjunction with the World Tour to honor local heroes tied into their local CoolChange Green initiative.

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High School Rules

Was there any doubt that “High School Musical 2” would rock the ratings?

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The foot-stompin’ sequel to the phenomenally successful “High School Musical” had more buzz than bee-keepers convention, with newspapers and magazines going wacky with anticipation.

But that was nothing compared to the temblors being felt across the country by young viewers clearing out their social calendars for the event of the season.

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The Friday night debut of “HSM2” on The Disney Channel ranks as the most watched basic cable telecast every, drawing 17.2 million viewers. The previous record-holder was ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” game on 9/23/06 (16.0 million).

It also stands as the most-watched telecast on record for kids 6-11 and the most watched entertainment telecast of all time for 9 to 14-year old viewers.

Oh, and “HSM3” is already in the works

Here’s a short interview that Knoxville News TV writer Terry Morrow did with Zac in July:

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Sylar’s no cockroach

Hot breaking news: We can confirm that Zachary Quinto will be a regular character this year on “Heroes,” although he’ll be taking some time off to play Spock in the upcoming “Star Trek’’ movie.

OK, so there’s no real official word, but it’s almost a done deal.

Moving on.

A few days earlier at the Television Critics Awards, I made the mistake of asking Zachary, who plays the evil Sylar, if he was really a cockroach _ the insect seen crawling out of the gutter after Sylar was supposedly killed

“I am not a cockroach,’’ he says in a low snarl. “It was a metaphor for evolution.’’

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ZACHARY QUINTO AS SYLAR – NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth

Sylar, we can safely say, has not been killed. Although I’m a little afraid Zachary may be out to get me.

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