Buttons and Bows gets bounced from ”Runway”

Angela, Ms. Buttons and Bows, it was time to go.

The challenge this week on “Project Runway” was for the designers to create a jet-setter outfit and then model the creation themselves. The lucky designers even got a trip to Paris, although Angela’s was just a layover on the way to Bootsville.

For too many weeks, Angela, you’ve missed the mark. But tonight was the worst ever with that odd little baggy shorts and tank top number. You had more rosettes hanging from you than a prime pig at the county fair.

And of course, we like you much better than Tat Boy Jeffrey. But the lout has talent, and he showed it when he won the challenge.

Although I would have given the first place spot to momma’s boy Michael. I mean, really, what other boy from the hood would think seersucker? It was an amazing mix of hip-hop meets Hamptons.

Uli remains my favorite, although she didn’t quite come up to the challenge this week. And snobby little Laura is starting to grow on me.

As for Kayne, Elvis apparently has never left your building. As sweet as you are, my Oklahoma cupcake, it’s time for you to start packing your bags. Vincent, get ready on deck.

For some juicy backstage gossip from Tim’s podcast, check out Chad Jones’ comment below. And Chad gives great theater blog at Theater Dogs


  1. Chad said,

    August 31, 2006 at 11:22 am

    I’m so happy Angela is finally history. What took so long?
    Some interesting tidbits from Tim Gunn’s always-amusing post-show podcast: when we saw Tim and the designers in the lovely first-class cabin on their plane, that was a prop plane. You can’t have a film crew on planes anymore, so they had to fake that part. The actual plane was apparently not nearly as nice as the “fake” one (it was a real plane but not flying anywhere) and didn’t offer our beleaguered designers mojitos.
    Also, Tim says he’s going to award a “jumble jamboree” award each week. He gave it to Kayne during the recycling challenge and this week he bestowed it upon the dearly departed Angela.
    Keep up the great posts, Sue!

  2. Elizabeth said,

    August 31, 2006 at 2:31 pm

    Susan, I think you’re too harsh about Uli’s dress this time. I was
    slow to warm to her, but now that I’m looking for her brilliant print
    work, I think she’s definitely in my top 3 (with Laura and Michael).
    It was a gorgeous creation — and perfect for a party in Miami. You
    could imagine Lindsay Lohan or Jeri Hall or Heidi Klum wearing it.
    Plus, the idea that jet-setters go only to Paris or New York? Nah. I
    think of them as heading to St. Tropez or Maui or Bali or (yes,
    Michael Kors) L.A. And that dress would have worked in any of those

    Like Chad, I shed no tears about the loss of Angela. In fact, I’ve got
    no love for Jeffrey (and his riDONculous tattoos), but last week I was
    on the edge of my couch hoping he wouldn’t go home because of Angela’s
    awful mother.

    I can’t believe that Angela outlasted sweet, charming Allison and my
    early favorite, that spunky Katherine.

    Also, I can’t believe you don’t love Laura, who is fascinating to
    watch — that red lipstick and all those angles and the dry,
    fantabulous things she says (“Having six children isn’t that different
    from having four or five. You just throw one more on the pile.”)

    Finally, I wish that Tim Gunn would occasionally pop up in my life.

  3. Susan said,

    August 31, 2006 at 2:36 pm

    I loved Uli’s dress. I should have said in the judges’ eyes, it didn’t come up to their standards. I thought it was just lovely. My favorites for the top three are Michael, Uli and Laura.
    And how boring was Vincent’s design this week? He just has to go next week.

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