Parties with Penguins

They arrived in a limo in their own tuxedos.

Yes, it has come down to this. TV critics were more interested in real penguins than in semi-real actors.

The Hallmark Channel put on the party at the pool with fake ice floating in the pool and the penguin duo marching down the green carpet.

One seemed more interested in humping the trainer’s arm than in schmoozing with the crowd, which is much like his human actor counterparts.

Just before the party, Adrian Grenier, who plays Vince the sexy up-and-coming actor on “Entourage,” was putting the moves on some young woman who appeared at the press session. He was much smoother than the penguin and almost as cute.

The Hallmark party rolled out the are-you-still-alive actors who populate the cable network’s movies. Marty Ingels, who had a limited career as a comic actor, has stayed in the semi-spotlight for years as the husband of actress Shirley Jones.

You know? Oscar winner. OK, she was the mom on “The Partridge Family.”

Marty thought it was funny to walk with her waving a sign that said, “Emmy Nominee.” Shirley tended to ignore him, as did most of the folks at the party.

Later at the post-party party, J-Lo’s ex – I know, it’s hard to keep track – Cris Judd is now the host of the new WE reality series “Dirty Dancing.”

We didn’t want to talk to Cris. He wore a yellow jacket and seemed a bit dance-challenged up against some of the pros twirling on the dance floor.

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