Flowers? No joke

We’ll go along with the idea that two NBC series – “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” by “West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin and “30 Rock” created by Tina Fey – set in the behind-the-scenes world of “Saturday Night Live” was just a fluke.
But at least Sorkin admits he felt a bit bad about the whole dust-up when it came out in the press that it caused a lot of network angst.
So, Sorkin says, he sent Fey flowers, wishing her good luck on her new series, just before the series were announced for the fall schedule last May.
“I thought I might hear from her, but I never did,” Sorkin said. “I was kind of surprised by that, but you know, the business being what it is, you just never know what to expect.”
So Sorkin finally caught up with Fey recently and asked her if she ever got his flowers.
“She said she got the flowers and thought it was a joke from one of the people at ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ” Sorkin says with a smile. “I guess she called everyone she knew at ‘SNL’ trying to find out who had done it, and then felt badly when she found out they came from me.”
Fey announced she was leaving “Saturday Night Live” to concentrate on starring, writing and producing “30 Rock.”
“I just tried doing too much and I need to just focus on this and my daughter,” says Fey, who wears an necklace with the letter on A on it for 10-month-old Alice. “I wanted to write a movie, which I did, I wanted to have my own show, which I do and I wanted to have a child. I think I’m one of the luckiest people ever.”
Even if the “30 Rock” is a bust, she doesn’t have much to worry about. The series is produced by “SNL’s” founder Lorne Michaels and I think he wouldn’t mind having her back on board.

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  1. Bunny J. said,

    August 21, 2006 at 10:14 pm

    Coincidence or not, I’m Tivo-ing them both. I can’t wait for the fall season to start!

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