Jeffrey Klarik, you’ve got class

Time to pull up the big girl panties and admit that a few weeks ago I blogged a cranky little post about getting a postcard from CBS that seemed like a not-so-gentle reminder that the comedy “The Class” was created by both “Friends” creator David Crane (left, beside Jason Ritter) and his writing/life partner Jeffrey Klarik (right, by Crane).


Noting that Klarik did not create “Friends,” I said that few papers would waste space including Klarik when Crane would do.

At this point, I’d like to also mention that I received a lot of silly stuff that day from people hyping their shows, including an Apollo chocolate bar offered for sale by the Apollo Candy Co., a “subsidiary” of the Hanso conglomerate.

Inside the package was this long-winded story of some guy who created the chocolate delights and the fact that he’d been lost in a plane crash.

Ring that bell. It’s another “Lost” promotion.

Like it needs any promotion from me.

Anyway, I ate the candy bar and dashed off two blog items about the chocolate and the Klarik.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that a short time after I consumed the candy during a 16-hour writing frenzy, I discovered I could have sold it on eBay for upwards of 60 bucks.

Not that I would, of course. But just knowing I’d chowed down on a $60 bar made me believe that karma was biting me in the backside.

Then, I watched the freakin’ hilarious three episodes sent out by CBS for “The Class” and realized that anyone who can create something this funny should have his name attached to it.

So, Klarik, from now on I’m going to make sure you get equal credit for creating “The Class.”

Now, can you please tell you friends to get rid of the voodoo dolls with my name attached to them?


  1. Allin Leslie said,

    October 17, 2006 at 7:44 pm

    If this is the same Jeffrey Klarik I knew back in the 60’s in NYC, a friend of mine told me he was the one who came up with the advertising slogan “Give your cold to Contac”.

    I’d love to know if he’s the one, but don’t know how to contact him. I had quite an unrequited “thing” for him at the time!

  2. Robert Annicelli said,

    January 10, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    To whom it may concern

    I ran our 40th. Amity high school reunion for tha Class of 1965. Amity is in the town of Woodbridge C.T. Jeff Klarik was a member of that class. I can discribe him as having dark hair and being both short and lean. Beside his live in partner, no one else has heard a word from him. His mom, who is still alive in Woodbridge barely hears from him. I hope that helps you? Don’t think that he would ever reply to any inquiries?

    Robert Annicelli

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