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Clear the Runway

Well, it’s getting down and serious now, folks. Vincent has, thankfully, been auff’d on “Project Runway.” For all the Kayne bashing about him being a tasteless rube, who was it that showed up with sofa material, glue and an Angela rosetta pasted to the back?

Couture fashions

Vincent (whose dress is on the left), what could you possibly have been thinking?
Then, Vinny the Perv had us grabbing the sick sack when he once again felt the need to share his carnal love for his creation.

Now to Okie prom queen Kayne’s gown. If only the front of the bodice hadn’t been so glittery. He did a great job on the skirt and the back was to die for. I think that Elle editor just has it in for him at this point.

I would have gone with Uli’s gown this time around, because it was couture. Which is a word I thought I knew until this episode. Means hand made. I thought it meant high fashion. My bad.

Anyway, sadly I’m guessing Kayne’s auff’d next week, bringing us to our final four of Michael (whose dress is in the middle), Uli, Laura and Jeffrey (whose dress is on the right). I try to like Jeffrey, but just can’t. I’m rooting for Michael right now.

Any thoughts?

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Couric kills

All CBS wanted was to get viewers to take a taste of their evening news with Katie Couric and that’s what they got.

Tuesday night’s debut of “CBS Evening News with Katie Couric” more than doubled the broadcast’s average rating for the last four weeks. And it became the highest rated “CBS Evening News” broadcast since Feb. 23, 1998, which occurred during CBS

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Katie Couric, embrace your inner fashionista

I’m getting a little tired of Katie Couric having to defend herself for having a sharp fashion sense.

Guess what people? You can be a serious journalist and rock the runway.

Unlike ABC’s Charlie Gibson, who prides himself on wearing “whatever is on the left when I reach into the closet,” La Couric always looks chic. As a person who generally picks out what I’m going to wear based on if I did laundry the night before, I admire that.

When she debuted on Tuesday, Katie looked smashing in her little white jacket and black dress. She showed off the legs a bit too much, however, to ever win the respect of hard news junkies. When she went for the pre-taped interview with the New York Times guy, the camera kept going back for the gam-shot.

Even Charlie Gibson could be distracting if he put on a pair of shorts to do an interview.

Of course, that might make for a more interesting broadcast.

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Now you Suri, now you don’t

Anyone hoping to get a second look at those Vanity Fair pictures of TomKat’s little dumpling Suri Cruise shown on Katie Couric’s evening news show on Tuesday were disappointed.

The network had been hyping the fact that if you couldn’t get home by 5:30 p.m., which is when the broadcast airs in the Bay Area, you could just click on the ol’ news site and see the broadcast in its entirety.

Apparently, that didn’t include little Suri.

We’re wondering if it had anything to do with people being able to grab it to put out on the Internet. But we don’t know enough about those things to know for sure.

All we know is, where was YouTube when we needed them???

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Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin dead

“The Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin has died from a sting ray barb to the chest.

The wacky host, best known for his catch-phrase “Crikey!” has entertained viewers with is close encounters with deadly critters from crocs to pit vipers.

Irwin, 44, was shooting a documentary in Queensland when the accident happened, reports say. He was rushed to a hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

Irwin’s American-born wife Terri was trekking in Tasmania and was not immediately told of her husband’s death. She was later notified. The two have a son, Bob, 3 and a daughter, Bindi, 8. He had taken a break from filming his own documentary to shoot some footage for his daughter Bindi’s new TV series.

Irwin caught some flack in January 2004 when he shocked an audience at his Australia Zoo reptile park by carrying his 1-year-old son into the crocodile pen during a show and tossed the reptile a piece of meat. People thought he was putting his son in danger, which Irwin denied.

For years, there have been reports of Irwin’s death. So many that he has even written on his Website that he’s never been killed by any snakes, crocs, spiders or even a beetle crawling into his ear as one report said.

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Navarro disses K-Fed

Jimmy Kimmel got Dave Navarro to sling some mud in K-Fed’s face on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” tonight.

Jimmy asked if Dave had caught the Teen Choice performance by Kevin Federline, AKA Brit’s-making-daddy-a -star.

“I saw it on YouTube,” Dave confesses, which means he had a choice to avoid watching the train wreck. “He had acrobats and fire and all these people who were really, really talented around him.”

And if K-Fed was a contestant on Dave’s “Rock Star Supernova” show?

“He’d be packing his bags,” Dave says.

Kimmel, who got a lot of info for a five minute interview, asked about Navarro’s former band Jane’s Addiction getting back together.

“Never say never,” Dave says. “But when enough’s enough, it’s time to pack it in.”

I wonder if K-Fed will take that advice.

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Where’s the flash and fun, VMA?

A naked, pixillated dwarf does not a Video Music Award Show make.

Tonight, MTV must have been praying for a wardrobe malfuction or at least a Bono f-bomb. But even Lil’ Kim kept her Dolly Parton’s hidden under her long locks.

Instead. all viewers got was a yawner of an evening. But MTV must have seen that coming when they decided to use the kid from “Little Miss Sunshine,” Abigail Breslin to present an award with Fergie.

Good god, the kid couldn’t even pronounce the winner’s name. Ever heard of a little thing called rehearsal?

Because everything on the show certainly was rehearsed until all the freshness was squeezed right out of it.

Except maybe when a zombie-like Jessica Simpson took the stage, fumbling her lines and looking like she was the one taking hits off the backstage bong instead of Snoop, who claimed he needed a smoke. But settled for the orange-colored drink he brought to the stage instead.

Nice try, dog. But it all reeked of corporate. We knew it was going to be a pathetic night when two of the most boring videos to be made last year, Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” and James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” earned, respectively, the Best Female and Best Male Male Video Awards.

At least Clarkson had the good sense to pass on the ceremony.

Not even the Jackass clan could bring on the danger. Or any excitement from the aforementioned dwarf.

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