The Donald (once again) disses Rosie

It’s the story that just won’t die.

Yes, Donald Trump is once again being asked about his feud with Rosie O’Donnell during a press conference for “The Apprentice.” Well, his show is tanking and even Trump apologized to NBC for pumping up ABC’s ratings for “The View.”

So the first reporter asked if the pissing match between Trump and Rosie has crossed the line.

“No,” declares Trump, who takes off on the subject like a derby winner dashing for the finish line.

Trump says all he did was give the reigning Miss USA a second chance after discovering she had a drinking problem, the rosie O’Donnell turned it into a personal smear campaign.

“I have no regrets for exposing her for the person she is. She’s a terrible, disgusting human being who is not very smart and has a lot of problems,” says Trump. “And it will blow up on her.”

Trump says he has watched her attack people over the years, including Kelly Ripa, and he thinks she’s a bully. Tough talk from a guy who has a show where he makes people who lose his challenges sleep in a tent city.

“I think (my image) has been helped (by the feud), ” Trump says. “I think people respect that I fought back. Rosie’s a slob.”

No, Donald. Tell us how you really feel. Better yet, maybe I should quit enabling him.

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