How Nice is Zach Braff?

“Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence jokes that it slightly bothers him that when he met Zach Braff, he was just a waiter.

“Now, if I meet any attractive woman under the age of 40, she’s like, “Oh, my gosh. What’s Zach Braff like?” Slightly wealthier than
the waiter I met seven years ago. That’s what he’s like,” Bill says. “The nicest thing about Zach is I’ve actually had some
empathy for the actors and actresses that go through the
star-making system, and Zach has managed to not be a diva
and not be a guy that’s any different than the humble
dude that I met when I first cast him.”

To illustrate his point, Bill decided to tell a personal story about a trip to Las Vegas. Seems Zach was with this girl…

“Which story are you going to tell?” Zach asks nervously.

Sort of a personal story. We’re in Vegas, right?

“The point being, if you heard that story from someone else, it might be that they went with their cast members to Las Vegas and were doing everything that young, rich, talented actors do,” Bill says.

Not so with Zach.

“Zach had taken the head of our props department for his birthday, so it was head of our props and a couple grips and a second cameraman,” Bill says. “And that’s just not the behavior you usually see of somebody that’s getting to write and direct movies and is the star of a TV show.”

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