Kiefer admits to torching himself

Well, it wasn’t actually Kiefer Sutherland who got torched, but his little doll.

Oops. Make the “action figure.”

McFarlane Toys’ first “24” action figure based on Jack Bauer, Kiefer’s character on “24”, is expected to hit store shelves in August, with the second scheduled for holiday season 2007 release.

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It could have come out a year earlier if they hadn’t sent the figure to Kiefer to get his approval.

As Kiefer told us during a TV critics set tour, he was working on the film “The Sentinel” when the prototype for the doll was sent to him.

“So we decided to take him out one night for dinner and a couple of drinks and then we lit him on fire in the parking lot,” Kiefer says. “It was pretty cool.”

Until he got the phone call later from the company asking him how he liked the action figure.

“I told them I liked it, and then they asked me to send it back,” Kiefer says. “I told them `You need to leave me a note about returning things in advance.’ It took a gentleman in Japan a year just to make it, and we were just having some fun with it not knowing.”

So, I asked Kiefer how the gentleman in Japan took the news of his creation’s destruction.

“I didn’t have that conversation with him” Kiefer says. “But I can imagine that he wasn’t happy.”

So, does this stunt rank right up with the most embarrassing thing he’s ever done?

“No,” Kiefer says. “That would have to be the Christmas tree.”

Ah, the Christmas tree. That’s the time Kiefer spied a Christmas tree in a hotel lobby in England and did a flying tackle. Check it out:

In fairness, Jack Bauer would have been proud. Kiefer asked first and offered to pay for the tackled tree.

Still, not something he looks back on with any fondness.

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  1. Ellen said,

    February 9, 2007 at 3:16 pm

    You know, when I asked Kiefer about the tree last year it never actually occurred to me that there might be VIDEO. (Because I’d have linked to it then.)

    Of course, footage of the little doll burning would’ve been nice, too…Someone really ought to follow that boy around with a camera 24/7.

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