American idles

Not that you asked, but Death Valley was much more entertaining than the name would suggest.

Talk about a real Death Valley, let’s get down to the first day of “American Idol” competition. Most of the singers left me with the “THIS is all you could come up with after all those auditions????”

First off, put your shoes on Paul Kim. It’s not endearing, it’s annoying.

And how did you go from being from Saratoga to San Jose? We’re still thinking that pool technician from Saratoga just means you’re cleaning your parents’ pool while trying to hit the big time.

Still, we’re willing to give Paul another week to show us his stuff. The judges say he’s got the best voice in the competition. Maybe you have to be in the auditorium…

Who knew the guy we’d like the best would be Beat Box Blake? He really showed off the pipes. Our top five picks right now are Blake, Chris R., Jared, Phil and Chris S. because he’s got spunk and we like spunk.

We’ll give Brandon an honorable mention.

But it’s way past time for Sanjaya to go home. We’ll get it out now. He’s our No. 1 pick for exile island. It’s creepy the way he smiles nervously while his eyes dart around like a wildlife caught in the cross-hairs.

Second is Mr. Knights in White Satin. What the hell were you thinkin’ Sundance?

Now, it’s time to gear up for the girls tonight.

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  1. vhilaire said,

    February 22, 2007 at 4:20 pm

    here, here! I think they should take Blake and Chris “chubby curly haired guy” Sligh (however you spell it) and ditch all the other guys! The women were insanely better. Or perhaps it should
    just be an all female American Idol show. 🙂

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