“Lost” vs. “Heroes”

I’ll get this out of the way right now: I’m enjoying “Lost” again, but “Heroes” is still my fav.

And why, you might ask?

Because on Monday, “Heroes” managed to cover so much territory, yet it never bogged down and never seemed crowded. And by the end, questions were answered and more questions popped up.

First, we get chills knowing Malcolm McDowell, Mr. Clockwork Orange himself, is the mysterious Linderman. We also discover that Mama Petrelli not only knows about her cheerleader granddaughter, but may have engineered her escape.

We also learned that good Ali Larter can sometimes overpower bad Ali Larter.

And just how cool was it when Ando came to save the day for Hiro? Or when Mohinder confronted Sylar when we all thought he was fooled – only to have the tables turned on Mohinder?

But the juiciest part for “Felicity” fans was seeing delightful Ian Gomez as Linderman’s curator.
You go, Javier Clemente Quintata!

Next week, Sylar and Peter face off in a fierce battle.

Which leads us to tonight’s episode of “Lost” and what-have-we-learned.

We got a little bit of frolickin’ fun on the beach, with Sawyer getting shut down on the nicknames. Luckily, it will just be for a week.

But more importantly, we learned that The Others aren’t from the Dharma Initiative, that The Others were on the island before Dharma and that the “Lost” writers sometimes feel like they have to hit us over the head with certain images.

Like the kitty-cat.

Yep, we saw the long, lingering shot of the cat when Sayid approached the house. We saw it again when the cat scratched the hidden trap door, tipping off Sayid as to where another Other was hiding. And we saw it again on the lap of the woman Sayid tortured in his flashback.

So did we HAVE to show the puddy-tat one more time as Sayid left the blown-up island building?

We get it. Cat significant.

Oh, and there are horses and cows on the island. And eye-patch guy isn’t all that nice.

Still, a good show and one I’ll be watching until the end.

Oh, and I loved the whole nickname bit with Sawyer, but my favorite line was when he said to Nikki (Kiele Sanchez) “Who the hell are you?”

Who indeed.


  1. Ella Benigan said,

    March 9, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    You read my mind, Susan Young! I’m enjoying “Lost” (especially the Hurley/Charlie drive the Volkswagen hippie bus episode), but my heart belongs to “Heroes.” I didn’t realize I was so fickle. I loved “Lost” for such a long time, then it lost me and “Heroes” saved me. Guess that means I’ll turn on “Heroes” someday, but until then, I’ll perish the thought and continue to enjoy your column and blog!

  2. Kim said,

    March 12, 2007 at 10:59 am

    I have been reinvigorated by the last few episodes of Lost. Finally, we are getting somewhere! Especially last week, when — for whatever reason — Ukrainian Eye Patch Guy divulged lots of island secrets. I am also loving Heroes and can’t wait for the Sylar/Peter showdown!

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