The beginning of the end?

You can’t trust what the promos say, but it was interesting that tonight’s episode of “Lost” ended with the narrator telling us that the countdown to the end was coming.

This seems to confirm what creator Damon Lindelof said in January about next season being perhaps the last for the mysterious drama.

Just a little tangent here, but did anyone else get a little teary when Sawyer and Kate came together? While we’re talking about Sawyer, we’re glad he’s back with the nicknames. Three Men and a Baby…

In any case, it seems that the writers are trying to toss a few bones to fans and critics of the series. We loved it when Sayid finally said what we’d all been thinking: Give us some answers about this island.

Tonight, our suspections about Juliet were confirmed: She’s no good.

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She was brought to the island to “create life where life is not meant to be,” she’s told. Women who try to have babies die here. So the Others snatch the children of those unfortunate enough to land on this rock.

The Others can cure cancer. So, why did they need Jack to take out a tumor? Apparently, Jack’s not the target after all. The targets are mother Claire and mother to be Sun.

After learning about Juliet’s plan with Ben (and that comment about “after all we’ve done to them”), we know nothing good is about to happen to our castaways.

Remember that Goodwin, Juliet’s lover, was killed by Ana-Lucia after she realized he was probably an Other and not a tailie as he tried to portray. Goodwin, you’ll remember, snapped the neck of Nathan – a guy Goodwin said “was not a good man.”

And hats off to the writers, who gave us a lot of tidbits, but left the larger mysteries of the island still buried.

They also presented a few new questions like why is it better to arrive unconscious? And why was Danielle Rousseau able to have a baby on the island? We also heard the theme of good and bad people once again, as Jack tells Juliet that the crash survivors are “good people.”

I’d also like to think that Jack hasn’t really been taken in by Juliet and is just playing along until he can figure out here game. But if that’s the case, why did he let her treat Claire? Is it because he some how figured out Ben and Juliet’s game?

Ah, the plot just keeps on getting thicker.


  1. Jon said,

    April 15, 2007 at 10:16 am

    hey. i LOVE lost! i almost fell off the couch when they said “the beginning of the end”. i wanted to cry. it cant end…EVER. but the more i think about it. i HOPE they ment the beginning of the end…OF…the season (3). LETS HOPE!!!!

  2. Kim said,

    April 16, 2007 at 12:00 pm

    Your post really sorted things out in my head. Lost is getting really good again. Pretty soon Heroes will return and then I’ll have ZERO social life on weeknights.

  3. Will Smith said,

    April 17, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    Well at least we got back to the survivors being complete morons and ALWAYS ending up on the short end of the stick. I mean Sawyer and Sayid take all that time to follow Juliet and finally get some answers…all it takes is for her to say mean things to them and they cower. Seriously?? How about they tell her something along the lines of “You are one to talk about mistreating people and killing” She did in fact kill the guy so Sawyer and Kate could escape so she isn’t exactly “blood free” on this whole deal. All we hear is how Sayid is a veteran of the torture game but any time he has tortured anyone they have led to NOTHING. I would have liked it better if they whipped her butt good and actually let Sayid live up to his promise to kill her if she didn’t talk. Sometimes the Losties can track and not be noticed and other times they can’t seem to do anything right. The one constant is that Kate could jack up pretty much anything she does and always puts others at risk due to her stupidity.

    So in short, the show is awesome and I can’t wait for next week!!

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