Big Brother leaves home

Well, it’s finally over.

I have to admit, until I visited the “Big Brother” house last July, I had never really gotten into the series. After the visit, I was hooked.

Guess that’s what happens when you look Evel Dick in the eye through the two-way mirror! On that day, he was packing his bags, sure he was leaving the house. He sang to himself, turned to look at himself in there mirror and there we were nose-to-nose.

Creepy. Yet, that day I got invested in an Evel Dick win.

Now the votes are cast and Dick’s a winner, and says he plans on using his $500,000 winnings on taking a trip around the world. And spreading a little Evel wherever he goes.

Now the only question is whether the teary Eric will get to keep his cutie-pie girlfriend Jessica now that she knows he was America’s Player. I swear, I thought E was going to start sobbing at any minute during tonight’s results show.

As for Jessica, she’s got a nasty streak in her. If you doubt that, don’t forget the look she flashed to her former BFF in tonight’s finale.

So, any thoughts?


  1. Rene said,

    September 19, 2007 at 7:05 am

    As an avid fan, I am always so sad when it is over, and I am having serious withdrawal!

    Eric was soooo nervous last night! He was as white as a sheet when Julie started talking about America’s Player. Seems like everyone took it well, but I notice no mention of the 40 grand he got!
    I would be very surprised if the showmance goes further than this week’s wrap party.

    Speaking of the wrap party…I wish that was televised! Dick has asked for bodyguards to ensure he is protected from the famiies and friends of the Houseguests he taunted on the show. I would also like to see how the Nick/Dani relationship pans out. Susan, you have to get me in! LOL Well maybe you know somebody that is going that is can give you an update! (Geesh is my addtiction showing much?)

  2. Will said,

    September 24, 2007 at 8:54 am

    Well I watched every show all season long and the absolute worst case scenario played out…Dick or Daniele. Ugh, kick me in the right knee or the left knee. I agree with Jen, I don’t respect either of them and think they are some of the worst people I have ever seen but at least I wasn’t forced to reward one of them for being that way. All of the jurors only had themselves to blame though, given multiple opportunities to ditch the Donatos, they let em stay. I still have a hard time figuring out how the eviction of Nick (Dick and Daniele voted him out) was some how turned back on Eric…

    My application is together and I am making a tape, see you all next year at the wrap party after I win BB9!!

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