“The Bachelor: Walnut Creek”

Our own sweet Sheena has made it into the final four.

Which means next week we get a chance to see how bachelor Brad fared in Walnut Creek with Sheena’s parents. From the previews, it looks like Sheena’s mom is quite a beauty, and a bit more outspoken than her kinda shy daughter.

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We honestly think it’s between DeAnna and Sheena for the final rose, with Bettina the b-dog getting unmasked by Brad next week. We could have told you about the B weeks ago, Brad. Jenni’s sweet, but we don’t see any sparks flying.

But first, we must talk Hillary and her monumental breakdown at the end of tonight’s show. Didn’t she catch a single vibe Brad was giving out during the four-girl pool party? He obviously looked at her like she was just a pal, and she read all the wrong signals.

Call the wahmbulance. Come on, girl. You’re a nurse. Get it together. Show of hands of anyone who would want her by your bedside after this little meltdown.

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HILLARY and BRAD (Photo Craig Sjodin/ABC)

But back to our Sheena. The previews to this episode just loved showing her doing the banana peel slide down the stairs, but actually it wasn’t that bad. She did look fabulous in her diamond earrings Brad gave her. We got all Pretty Woman with that scene. Then when they danced outside with the orchestra playing, I mean gosh golly gee whiz, it doesn’t get any more romantic than that, does it?

I just wish he would stop saying how much his twin brother was smitten with Sheena. It’s almost like he’s trying to talk himself into liking her.

Hey, maybe if things don’t work out with Brad, Sheena can test drive the other twin.

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