“Heroes” finale bloody disappointing

Can we blame the writers’ strike for this?

“Heroes” broke my heart this season by going from an obsession to a duty. Oh, the writers teased me with a few episodes that made me think this series was getting back on track. The last two episodes looked that tonight would be redemption time – and make me want to care about Volume 3: Villains.

It didn’t.

To begin with, we knew that two heroes would be killed tonight. I was hoping against hope one would be the mind-numbing Maya. Oh, I there was that glimmer when Sylar shot her, but then Suresh had to revive her.


Instead, two heroes were knocked out in the most unlikely of ways and Hiro proved to be crueler than we can accept. In the final moments when the Shanti virus was about to be unleashed on the world, naive Peter came to his senses and caught the vial just as it was dropped by Adam/Kensei.

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Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli, comes to his senses and goes after Adam — NBC Photo: Adam Taylor

Hiro swept Adam/Kensei away _ and into a cemetery vault where, we imagine, he’ll spend eternity locked in a tomb.

Or until the writers need him back on the scene. But by then will he be a mere bones?

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David Anders as Adam Monroe before he gets tossed into a tomb– NBC Photo: Adam Taylor

In two improbable storylines, Monica should have been able to use those snappy martial arts she learned to get away from her captor. Instead, she struggles and would have been burned alive with Niki hadn’t shown up. It’s Niki who ends up toast, so now Micah has to deal with the deaths of both his parents while they saved the lives of others?

The other storyline has Nathan standing up in front of TV cameras to expose The Company when he’s shot by an assassin. Hello! He’s got invincible cheerleader blood coursing through his veins. If Nathan doesn’t pop up again, I’ll be surprised.

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Adrian Pasdar as Nathan Petrelli, who decides it’s time to out The Company– NBC Photo: Adam Taylor

And who snuffed Nathan? Please. HRG. After all, he made a pact with the devil (or in this case The Company) to keep his family safe. And that pact certainly involved a dastardly deed like knocking off Nathan.

Finally, the closing scene with Sylar regaining his powers and going all “I’m baack…” on us. We’re assuming from the title that Sylar plays a big role in the next series that’s slated to air next spring.

But who knows? With the writers’ strike, it could be next season. All we are hoping is that the writers spend this time pondering a better second half of the season.

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  1. Will said,

    December 5, 2007 at 8:39 am

    As a Hero P1/Day 1 I would like to say that I went back and forth with the finale. At times I loved it, how cool would the falling vial be for a final scene?? But Maya didn’t stay dead so unfortunately we are cursed with her for a bit longer. How about if when Peter and Sark (Adam/Kensei) come around the corner to the vault and for some reason Peter can’t use his ability to open it…and the HATIAN walks around the corner?? Now that would have been cool. How come no one noticed the unconscious japanese guy on the floor of Primatech Paper? What happened to all the “Heroes” who worked for the company?

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