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With my herniated disc acting up again, I turn to faithful blog poster Will Smith once again for the write-up.

The Economist

Welcome back faithful readers of the Lost Recap. Let me just say that this season’s first 3 episodes have more than lived up to my expectations. It’s fun again and exciting without the constant tension between Jack/Sawyer/Kate but just enough. How did YOU like the episode? Longtime “Losties” probably love the fact that we are seeing it changed up just a touch with the flash forwards and tying together of some loose ends. Let’s jump right in to the recap shall we?

We pick up our faithful bunch in the helicopter clearing where Sayid seems to be praying then looks over at Naomi’s body. He crosses over to close her eyes; I thought it was weird her eyes were open for that long with everyone else around. I mean Miles talked to her dead spirit, Kate even transported her and Jack commented on returning her body but no one closed her eyes…weird. He takes a bracelet from her that says “N. I’ll always be with you. R.G.” Sayid says he can get Charlotte back, Miles believes himself to be one bad mutha…he isn’t. Jack wants to go but Sayid reminds him that last time he talked to Locke he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger on the empty gun. This makes for bad diplomacy so he can’t go, Jack sends Kate instead. For some reason at that point I knew something was going to go wrong, Kate could mess up pretty much any mission. Lapidus agrees to fly Sayid off the island if he goes and gets Charlotte. So Sayid, Miles and Kate set off for the Dharma village. Jack sends Juliet to get Desmond because he needs to see this and offer his “I love Penny” opinion.

Flash forward to Sayid in the future. We now know he is another of the Oceanic 6. He is playing golf when a guy shows up to chat with him; they make a bet about a closest to the pin. The other guy wins but they both need form work bad. When Sayid tells him who he is the other guy tries to casually turn tail and skedaddle…Sayid calls him by name and kills him. He leaves as the sprinklers come on which is weird. Sayid is apparently a hit man in his future incarnation…sweet. We cut to Berlin at a coffee shop where Sayid is asking directions from some hot number named Elsa. She gives him directions, they hit it off we all get mushy because it is Valentine’s Day you know. Sayid tells her he is a head hunter….you know a corporate recruiter. Get it! They get all close and spend a lot of time together; Sayid really starts to fall for her. Awww

Back on the island the Locke’s are traipsing towards the cabin, Locke finds the ring of ash but no cabin. Uh oh, he must be losing his touch because he can’t see it anymore. Hurley knows what’s up but tries to cover for Locke when Ben makes the statement “John is looking for someone to tell him what to do next.” Just as doubt starts to creep in Locke re-asserts his alpha status and tells James (Sawyer) and Hurley what’s up…he (Locke) is in charge and calling all the shots. So they head off towards the Dharma Village.

Back with Jack and the helicopter fidgety Daniel borrows the sat phone from Lapidus and calls Regina on the boat. Lapidus tells him if George answers hang up…apparently George will be a bit angry with the bunch. Regina and Daniel set up an experiment where Regina launches a “payload” to his exact coordinates. The countdown has everyone looking skyward but nothing shows up. Daniel says this is not good. It shows up about 31mins later though and Daniel opens the payload which is a watch and it is off by 31 mins. This is NOT good indeed; time on the island is off. Does this mean that while they can establish real time communications things are delayed? Does this help Ben to “see into the future”?

Sayid, Kate and Miles sneak into the village/barracks and discover Hurley in a closet tied up. I bought it since Hurley said he didn’t sign up for hostages and Locke gave him the “don’t test me boy” look. They search around Ben’s cabin and Sayid find’s a secret closet with a ton of money in a bunch of currencies, a load of different passports and travel clothes. Looks like Ben does or did leave the island a LOT. Looks like he is in a war with whoever sent the freighter people and the island is his hideout or home base. Just then Sawyer sneaks up on Kate and tells her to “shhh”…she yells for Sayid. Good one Kate. Sayid turns around and Locke has him in his sights. They put Sayid in the rec room…where Kate was kept when Jack and Juliet were going to leave on the ill fated submarine trip. Ben is in there being the weasel he is. Sayid and Locke make a deal to swap Miles for Charlotte so Sayid can get on the freighter and find out what is really going on. There is a 30 second confrontation with Kate and Sawyer, he wants to stay on the island and play house. Interesting, she says how long can we do that. So are they still together when Jack meets Kate at the airport?

Back to the future, Sayid and Elsa are in bed when she gets teary eyed and tells Sayid she knows nothing about him, he tells her ok, no more secrets. Elsa’s pager goes off. Now this pager only goes off when her boss needs her…we get the feeling Sayid is planning to kill the boss. He tells her she has to leave, she finds out he is planning to kill her boss. She shoots him in the shoulder area but leaves him alive then calls her boss and speaks in German. You find out she was playing Sayid as much as Sayid was playing her. Sayid is sad…he shoots and kills her anyway. She has a bracelet just like the one Naomi had…uh oh.

Back at the chopper Desmond shows up to demand flight to freighter. Sayid walks up with Charlotte but no Kate (she decided to stay…or did she???) and tells Lapidus he traded Miles for Charlotte. Tricky one that Sayid. So they load up in the chopper, Daniel warns him to use the EXACT trajectory they came in on when they leave. Jack tells Sayid good luck but you can see he doesn’t trust him. The chopper takes off and heads towards the freighter.

Sayid stumbles into a vet’s office to get patched up by…BEN!!! That guy always seems to be coming out on top. He tells Sayid to use his head and not his emotions and quit his crying because he has another name. Sayid says ok but warns Ben that the list people will know they are coming. Ben creepily says “Good”. WOW!!

I think that if we are looking at 3 more seasons at least 1 of them will be the Oceanic 6 going back to “rescue” the rest of the survivors and a real war between Ben and Abaddon. So far the Oceanic 6 are:

1. Jack

2. Kate

3. Hurley

4. Sayid

5. ??

6. ??

Ben was not on Oceanic so he doesn’t count.

Next week should be a date with the freighter! Stay tuned

Here’s my take on who are the others who made it:

I think Kate talks Sawyer into leaving the island with her, and it doesn’t turn out well. – Susan

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