Casting Call for Arranged Marriages????

First it was the Amish, now reality show producers are looking for couples who got together through arranged marriages.

Casting is open to men and women “eager to explore an ancient cultural practice of finding a lifelong mate” in the upcoming “Arranged Marriage,” from the production company Magical Elves (“Top Chef,” “Project Greenlight”, “Step It Up & Dance”) and Lifetime.

Individuals who are ready to commit to marriage with a match selected by their closest loved ones can apply at w here. Cameras will then document the couple’s first year of marriage.

“This has the potential to be one of the most interesting social experiments in years,” said Executive Producer Jane Lipsitz, founder of Magical Elves along with producing partner Dan Cutforth. “The concept of finding a mate for life is universal, and we are excited to bring this journey to television.”

Acording to the press release, and you can go check this out on your own if you care, approximately half of all marriages end in divorce, but arranged marriages have a success rate estimated at 85%. The practice of using a matchmaker has soared in popularity, and an arranged marriage puts the people who know you best in the matchmaking role.

“Most of us choose our partners and relationships based on chemistry, which is actually looking down a path of destruction in a lot of ways,” said Lisa Clampitt, Executive Director of the Matchmaking Institute and someone who has advised the show. “The show will shake things up a bit by making people rethink the way that they’re finding love.”

Arranged marriage worked for David and Elizabeth Weinlick, who will serve as consultants on the show. The couple is celebrating ten years of marriage and three children together after tying the knot the day they met. The Weinlicks appeared on NBC’s Today and discussed their journey, which began with a campaign staged by David’s closest friends to find his bride.

“The traditional dating realm did not seem conducive to finding a long term life partnership that was healthy and successful and happy,” said David Weinlick.

“I just recognized that dating in my experience always resulted in a relationship that just wasn’t very fulfilling. So I thought maybe this will be a different way to have that fulfilling relationship,” said Elizabeth Weinlick.

Loved ones will match selected participants based on shared goals, values, experiences, and commitment to the relationship.

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