Locklear Locks and Unloads

Here’s a lesson for all tabloid-fodder stars: Make the first strike.

Heather Locklear stepped up on the stage in front of a roomful of critics gathered for the winter press tour in Pasadena knowing that no one really cared about her starring role in a Lifetime film based on a Nora Roberts’ bestseller.

“Give women what they want, we’ll all be happy,’’ she quipped with a grin. “On Lifetime.’’
Locklear knows that no one who has been in a grocery store line or hanging around an airport has missed the covers showing how her next-door neighbor and friend Denise Richards hooked up with Locklear’s husband Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi fame. The timing was shortly after the divorce – or perhaps a bit earlier.

Her first marriage to rocker Tommy Lee of Motley Crue also ended in divorce, but she says she still likes the bad boys of rock.

“Well, let me just tell you. I’m single. I still like rock stars and any man is good for me,’’ Locklear says in a pre-emptive strike. “Not married men.’’

When it was revealed that fellow panelist John Corbett was a country rock star, Locklear was asked if that was close enough.

“Let me tell you, Bon Jovi has crossed over to country, so at that time it was good,’’ Locklear says, obviously on a roll. “I did a Toby Keith video and that was good…just the video.’’
A reporter asked her about her memories of a movie she made in 1990, which was about midway through her marriage to Tommy Lee.

“That falls into when I cut my hair, when I was married to a rock star and I was mad at him, so I rebelled. I cut my hair and I did that movie,’’ Locklear says. “This is how I remember (that movie).’’

Fair enough.

Locklear was hustled out the back, and when she raced quickly past two reporters, she just said she was really cold and had to get to her car.

No excuses necessary.

Of course, that meant that no one could ask her about that rumor of her new romance with the rather unlikely David Spade.

The good news is that this is press tour and everyone walks through at some point. That point came a couple of hours later at the MTV Networks party.

“We’re just good friends,’’ Spade assures.

So there you have it boys. Locklear is available.

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