Seacrest talks Jennifer Hudson, American Idol tryouts

Ryan Seacrest fully expected that the “American Idol’’ tryouts this season would yield fewer delusional people.

Oh, Ry. Come on now.

“We saw William Hung. We’ve seen people who think they can sing and clearly can not, and this is the most-viewed show in America, but I have never seen so many people who actually thought they had talent try out this time,’’ Seacrest, the host of “Idol,’’ says. “There were times when I didn’t know what to say. I mean, not a word or a thought came to mind.’’

Secrest, who was at the winter press tour promoting his new reality series “Paradise City,’’ chatted with a few reporters after the session about this season of “American Idol.’’

“I just couldn’t tell these people that they had done a good job, or anything encouraging at all,’’ Secrest says. “They were just embarrassing.’’

So what did he say to them?

“I just stared and that pretty much said it all,’’ Seacrest says. “With these people, it was all best left unsaid.’’

So what’s the best part about former “A.I.’’ hopeful Jennifer Hudson’s new success in Dreamgirls?

“I love that Simon didn’t like her, and although the people voted her off, I think what the judges say has a big influence on the voting and he just didn’t like her,’’ Seacrest says. “I think I might mention how wrong he was about Jennifer a few times this season.’’
Seacrest says there’s no doubt that Hudson is a diva.

“She has attitude, the same attitude (her character in Dreamgirls) has. But that’s great attitude,’’ Seacrest says. “She’s a diva, but she’s a lovable diva.’’
And her chances for an Oscar?

“I believe she’ll have no problem getting a nomination,’’ Seacrest says. “And her (personal) story is so great, I think she’s going to walk away with the Oscar.’’

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