The Divine Miss J

Nothing quite prepares you for the fabulousness of the divine Miss J Alexander who looked like he just stepped off the pages of Men’s Vogue than Glamour.

The elegant J Alexander wore a very traditional tailored black suit with a pink sweater vest and tie when he came out in support of “America’s Next Top Model” Friday at the CW party.

The former model, who towered over the crowd, now teaches models how to walk gracefully in Paris, where he resides when he’s not on “ANTM.”

The Queen of the Catwalk says he understands why viewers didn’t think last cycle’s twin teens Amanda and Michelle should have gotten as far as they did.

“People here want their models beautiful, and they weren’t beautiful, they were interesting, which is more in the European style,” Miss J explains. “Here, people are used to beautiful models like Rebecca Romijn.”

Miss J says she often sees Romijn and her financee Jerry O’Connell and the first time he met the Berkeley native he was shocked to hear her speak Dutch.

“My parents are Dutch, so I speak the language, but I was surprised to find out that she also speaks fluently because she was taught by her father,” Miss J says. “She’s one of the people who are beautiful on the outside and the inside.”

Miss J stuck around the party for quite a while before finally departing a little before 11. He was on his way to see “Dreamgirls.”

“Can you believe it? I haven’t seen it yet,” Miss J says. “And here I was on the runway talking to (the cast) and I felt so bad that I hadn’t seen it yet.”

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