Gizzie Flunks Chemistry on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Well, George and Izzie discovered something the rest of us knew all along: They’ve got no sizzle.

Now, come on. A show of hands from anyone who thought these two had a smokin’ hot thing going on. Even the night they got drunk and did the deed, it was only the hazy afterglow of booze that made them think the night had magic.

I lost all respect for George, who is always looking to trade up. When he set his sights on Meredith in the very beginning, it seemed like a puppy who just didn’t know any better. She was so out of his league. Then Callie fell for him and all he could think about was anyone BUT Callie.

You’re a loser, Georgie.

Tonight was a particularly charming and touching episode, with one notable exception. Bailey. My idol, Dr. Miranda Bailey showed that she should have gotten the job as chief resident. She was sassy and brassy like always, but when Dr. Richard Webber told her she had the job he should have given her in the first place, she broke down and cried like a little baby.

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Next week, Dr. Bailey (CHANDRA WILSON) treats her high school crush (D.B. WOODSIDE) (ABC/CRAIG SJODIN)

Not my Dr. Bailey.

She might have held back some tears, maybe a little head-dip to hide her watery eyes. But a full-on sobbing fit as she crumbled into Richard’s chest. Oh, I don’t think so.

We did like the movement in Meredith’s forward motion to become more human. She’s had her moments in past seasons, but not so many lately. Tonight, Meredith redeemed herself with a father who recently adopted an infant, only to have his wife fall ill and die in the hospital. He doesn’t think he’s can handle single fatherhood. But he eventually comes around after Meredith points him in the right direction.

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And we get to see Meredith and Lexie’s dad as a drunk when Karev takes Lexie home. Very telling moment that shows, despite what Meredith thinks, Lexie did not have a Norman Rockwell childhood.

Dr. Hahn’s making Cristina’s life a living hell, yet we still like her. Especially when she tells McSteamy, when he comes on to her at the bar, that he doesn’t really find her attractive. He just likes the way she handles herself around the hospital.

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Very insightful, doctor. We still think there might be some heat coming from that duo, however.

What I really like, however, is how McDreamy and McSteamy are buddies again. Now there’s some chemistry in action.

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